Pools as Art - Five Stunning UK Pools We Can't Stop Looking At

September 30, 2018

Pools as Art - Five Stunning UK Pools We Can't Stop Looking At

It probably goes without saying that we are big fans of pools and lidos.

In fact, it’s a real perk of the job that we get to spend so much time visiting new locations around the country (all in the name of market research, of course) where we can test out the different pools & become familiar with each venue’s own characteristics – the layout, the tiles, the temperature & the changing rooms.

These five pools aren’t necessarily ones we’d recommend visiting for your next dip (in particular Victoria Baths – ahem, there’s no water) although some absolutely are.

Instead, we’ve picked five pools whose architecture we can’t get enough of…

1. Victoria Baths, Manchester


Victoria Baths Manchester Deakin and Blue

Image courtesy of The Village Green.


  • A Grade II listed building in Manchester.
  • Originally opened in 1906 and closed in 1993.
  • Today the site is used for art exhibitions, film screenings, weddings and more.
  • Book a tour and have a look round!


2. Warrender Baths, Edinburgh


Warrender Baths Edinburgh Deakin and Blue

Image courtesy of Edinburgh Leisure.


  • A Victorian pool in Marchmont, Edinburgh.
  • Built in 1886 by a private, wealthy Baths Club.
  • Refurbished in 2005 and now open for regular swimming.
  • Pop in for a pay-as-you-go swim when you are next in Edinburgh. 


3. Ironmonger Row Baths, London


Ironmonger Row Baths London Deakin and Blue

Image courtesy of Better Leisure Centres.


  • A Grade II listed building in Islington, London.
  • Built in 1931 and still open for swimming today thanks to a renovation by Better Leisure Centres in 2012.
  • Features a 100m pool, Turkish baths, steam rooms and ice baths.
  • Stop by for a swim (you can pay as you go) and experience it for yourself!


4. Bristol Lido, Bristol


Bristol Lido Deakin and Blue

Image courtesy of Bristol Lido.


  • A Victorian pool built in 1850 in Bristol.
  • After closing in 1993, the site was renovated, restored and reopened in 2008. 
  • Today Bristol Lido features a beautiful open air pool, spa facilities and restaurant.
  • Pop by for lunch, a dip and a massage for a special celebration. You won't be disappointed.



5. Mount Baths, Northampton


 Mount Baths Northampton Deakin and Blue

Image courtesy of Historic Pools.


  • A Grade II listed pool in Northampton.
  • Originally built in 1936 and still open for regular swimming today.
  • Features two pools, Turkish baths and some very striking art deco architectural features (look out for the tiles in the hot rooms!)
  • Definitely pop by when you're next in the area.