British-born fitness swimwear brand empowering women to swim in style.



Deakin and Blue is a British-born sports fashion swimwear brand on a mission to inspire and empower women to swim in style. Whether you’re diving into the deep end or just dipping a toe in the pool, we design and create beautiful technical swimwear for real women’s bodies.




Supportive, feminine, flattering, fitness swimwear for real women's bodies



  • We're obsessed with female body shape and it informs everything we do. Our choice of fabric, our design, our sizing, our models and our language.
  • We believe people perform best when they feel great. And so we design every product with female support, comfort and confidence in mind – from AA-HH cup.
  • We're passionate about the intersection of femininity and athleticism, and we believe that choosing swimwear should not be a choice between one or the other.


Deakin and Blue - Fitness Swimwear for real women's bodies


Our Founder, Rosie, established Deakin and Blue in 2016. Here she tells us why:

I’ve always loved swimming. As a child I was the first in the pool on holiday and always keen to leap, jump or dive into water of any type – be it a lake, ocean, pool or pond. So back in 2015 when I decided to start swimming again for exercise, I went on the hunt for a swimming costume that was swimming-pool friendly. When I go to the gym I have a favourite pair of running leggings and top that I wear, but, try as I might, I couldn’t find any equivalent for the water. I searched high and low, online and offline, in specialist swim, lingerie and sports retailers and simply couldn't find anything for the everyday female who wants to feel strong, supported and feminine in the water.


Supportive, feminine, flattering fitness swimwear, designed for swimming


I love this photo of my grandma and her sister. It must date back to about the 30s when they were both in their late teens and swimming regularly at their local pool in South London. My grandma made the costumes they are wearing and for me they epitomise everything that modern swimwear lacks. Don’t they look glamorous and elegant and feminine? But they are also perfectly kitted out for their weekly swim and even though, certainly by today’s standards, they have tummies and bums and boobs, they both still look great – and you can tell they feel great too.



Fashionable and functional fitness swimwear designed for swimming


Choosing swimwear should not be a choice between fashion and function, or femininity and athleticism. Research shows that the prospect of putting on a costume deters a lot of women from going for a swim: more than 500,000 women have given up swimming in England in the last decade because of body image concerns. I want to change that - so whatever your shape or size, you can feel like the best version of yourself on the walk from the changing room to the pool.




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