We know no two “size 12” bodies are the same

Working Out Your Size

Bigger & Smaller Sizes

We currently offer all bikinis in sizes 8-18 and all swimsuits in sizes 8-20. In June 2021 we will be launching two of our best selling swimsuit styles up to size UK 24. If we see demand for these sizes, we will continue this size extension across the rest of our range.

We are aware that our size range is still relatively limited. We’re a small independent brand, and have focused initially on offering a highly comprehensive and effective set of products to women who wear dress sizes 8-20.

However we are very responsive to demand. If you would like to see more sizes in different types of products please get in touch at hello@deakinandblue.com - we'd love to hear from you. 

For example, when we first launched back in June 2017 we tested customer demand for our products in sizes 8-16. So many of you got in touch to say that you were interested in our swimwear but needed larger sizes that within six months we expanded our size range up to UK size 20. Since then we've had lots of women ask for larger sizes and so we're delighted to shortly be launching more styles in up to UK size 24. We mean it when we say we're really listening to you.

Still not sure?

Get in touch and we'll happily help

If you're still unsure on the size or need additional advice please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Let us know your name, email address and your hips, waist, underbust and full bust measurements using the guidance above.

We'll let you know your recommended D&B size.

We also offer FaceTime fittings to help advise on the right size for you. Drop us a line if you'd like to organise one of those.