Love your swimwear

You love wearing your D&Bs for swim after swim.

When you love how you feel in your swimwear, you’ll wear it time and again, take good care of it and repair it when it needs some TLC. That’s why we make our swimsuits and bikinis to last and offer a repair service.

But what happens when your swimwear is beyond repair?

Love our planet

All our swimwear is made from regenerated ocean waste, an eco-nylon which is extra durable so that it lasts longer than ordinary swimwear.

It also means that we can send old swimwear that’s beyond mending back to be recycled. That’s why we’ve introduced our new Swimcycle: D&B Recycling Scheme.

Swimcycle is an easy way to recycle your old, well-worn swimwear in return for a discount off your next (full price) purchase with D&B.

Close the loop

Saving swimwear from landfill is simple – send it back to us and we’ll send it to the clever people who make our eco-nylon to clean, regenerate and make into new fabric. Those new fabrics can be recycled too, which closes the loop D&B swimwear production. It’s like the circle of life, but with swimwear.

We’ll recycle any swimwear, not just D&B. That includes swimsuits, bikinis, trunks, jammers and rash vests.

Wear and care