Five Winter UK Staycations (Complete with Swim Spots)

October 16, 2018

Five Winter UK Staycations (Complete with Swim Spots)

As we shift into autumn there is a lot of talk about winter sun; getting away to warm up your bones under the hot rays of guaranteed sunshine in Southern Spain, the Middle East or Australia.

However, jet set holidays are not always do-able (whether it’s because of work, childcare or financial reasons) so instead we’re sharing a spotlight on five of our favourite UK-based staycations.

Sunshine is absolutely not guaranteed (if only!) but we’ve picked five spots with beautiful walks for well needed headspace and, of course, beautiful dips - because actually we’re big believers that a cold water dip before breakfast is one of the best ways to feel warm all day long.

Here are five of our favourite spots – let us know which of your favourites we’ve missed...


1. Camber Sands


Camber Sands Deakin and Blue Five Winter Staycations

Why we love it?

  • Fascinating local scenery including walks through Dungeness (the UK's only desert).
  • Perfect, quiet sandy beaches – ideal for long walks or sea-dips.
  • Affordable local accommodation options including pubs and AirBnBs.
  • An array of pubs and fish & chip shops offering food for the soul.
  • Hidden gem: The Rye Retreat Spa.


2. Cornwall


Cornwall Polzeath Deakin and Blue Five Winter Staycations


Why we love it?

  • Some of the prettiest beaches in the UK – great for swimming, surfing, and chasing waves. 
  • Lots of local National Trust sites if you’re in need of a burst of history or culture.
  • Far enough away from a major city to feel like you have truly escaped from everyday life. 
  • Lots of local, independent artists, boutiques and restaurants for new food, art and fashion inspiration.
  • Hidden gem: The Surf's Up Surf Company in Polzeath.


3. Cambridge


Cambridge Deakin and Blue Five Winter Staycations

Why we love it?

  • An idyllic weekend away within small travel time of London. 
  • Home to the University of Cambridge and its beautiful colleges, Cambridge is a pretty town for pottering around with lots of chapels, museums and art galleries for dipping into if the weather turns.
  • The Cam! A gorgeous river for a gentle punting trip or a dip if that’s more your thing. (If you do fancy a swim in the Cam, get in nearer Grantchester where the water is cleaner and clearer.)
  • Hidden gem: Jesus Green Lido.


4. Montrose


Montrose Deakin and Blue Five Winter Staycations

Why we love it?

  • Quiet, soft sandy beaches – perfect for long walks, swimming and cracking a bottle of fizz with your other half at sunset.
  • Easy access (just over 30miles) from Dundee airport so you can easily fly up for a long weekend.
  • A little but interesting coastal town complete with art gallery, lighthouse and museum to potter around.
  • Hidden gem: the beaches at Montrose are so beautiful you won't want to leave them.


5. Rhossili Bay


Rhossili Bay Swansea Deakin and Blue Five Winter Staycations

Photo Credit: Ben Jones 2018

Why we love it?

  • Some of the most iconic coastal walks in the UK are located here at Rhossili Bay in Wales.
  • Lots of picture perfect picnic spots along the Gower Coast Walk including lots of secluded coves that aren't easily accessible by car.
  • Beautiful beaches. In fact, Rhossili was named "The Best Beach in Europe" in 2017. Take that, Sardinia.
  • A handful of friendly pubs with good food and local beers to quench your thirst after a long walk.
  • Hidden gem: The Beach House in Oxwich - do book ahead!


Feeling inspired? Make sure you send us a photo of you in action in your D&B wherever you end up. We love following the adventures of the swimsuit.