Love The Oceans: Small Change, Big Difference. Thank you.

August 16, 2018

Love The Oceans: Small Change, Big Difference. Thank you.

Making a positive impact on our planet is important to us.

In June this year, we donated 10% of our revenue to marine conservation organisation Love The Oceans - so for every swimsuit and bikini we sold, they cleared 2kg of rubbish from beaches and oceans, around the world.  


Thank You

We were blown away by your response to this campaign and delighted to know you are as passionate about this cause as we are. With your support we have been able to help make our planet a better, safer, greener place.

Thank you.


Deakin and Blue Love The Oceans

Image Credit: Love The Oceans via @Ikeisaacsen


Cleaning Up The Beaches & Oceans

Love The Oceans work in Guinjata Bay in Mozambique. Whilst this area is incredibly beautiful it is also situated on the edge of the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch.

There are 5 large Garbage Patches around the world and the Indian Ocean Garbage Patch is the 3rd biggest of them - at over 5 million kilometres squared. Yes, you read that right: 5 million kilometres squared.

The Garbage Patch is essentially a mass of litter suspended in the water made up for everything from discarded fishing gear, plastics from consumer products, chemical sludge and other debris. 

If you've seen programmes like David Attenborough's Blue Planet or A Plastic Ocean you'll know only too well that these masses of rubbish and waste can be devastating to our marine life.


What More Can You Do?

Looking for more ways to help live a more environmentally-conscious life? We share five really easy ways you can have a positive impact on the planet:

  1. Say 'No' to a disposable plastic straw in bars and cafes. Even if your drink arrives with a straw, making a point of saying 'No' helps change the behaviour in cafes and bars to not providing straws unless prompted.
  2. Do a #2MinuteBeachClean on your next visit to the beach or local park. Spending just two minutes picking up visible litter can stop this rubbish ending up in our lakes and oceans.
  3. Carry a re-usable bottle of water. Did you know most coffee shops and bars will happily refill your bottle for you?
  4. Avoid single-use disposable plastics such as razors, sachets of ketchup or mayonnaise and purchasing fruit and vegetables that come wrapped in plastic.
  5. Support brands like us who are building environmentally conscious behaviours and practices into every step of their business. So you can buy from these brands knowing you are not negatively impacting the planet.


Thanks again for your support.