SWIMMING TIPS: How to Build a Swim into your Weekly Routine

June 10, 2017

SWIMMING TIPS: How to Build a Swim into your Weekly Routine

We know the feeling. It’s hard enough nipping to the gym before work or during lunch, or managing to fit in that evening Yoga class, let alone undertake the FAFF of going for a swim in the middle of a working day. Getting up to get dressed to get wet to get dry to get dressed again? Agro.

But what if getting a swim into your day could be simplified? What if we gave you all the tips and kit to make that pre-work or lunchtime swim do-able. To mean it didn’t interrupt your day and instead it offered you time out, head space, a well needed break, without any of the headache or hassle you fear. So, now you’re listening?


Deakin and Blue: How to Build a Swim into your Weekly Routine


1. Pack the Night Before

We know it’s a bit Brownies, but the key to waking up ready for a swim is packing your bag the night before. Make sure you pop in the products for your morning’s skin routine, as well as your post swim outfit (don’t forget your bra – we’ve done it, it’s a nightmare), your swimming cossie and, if you’re lucky enough to own one, your essential Deakin and Blue Waterproof Lifesaver Bag. (Free with every Deakin and Blue purchase, our Lifesaver Bags are designed to keep your damp post-swim cossie away from the rest of the contents of your handbag. You're welcome.)


2. Have a Pre-Swim Snack at the Ready

It’s hard getting out of bed at the best of times but we know getting up for exercise is the ultimate meh. That’s why we always ensure there’s a good pre-swim snack or, if you can face it, breakfast delight at the ready to tempt us into consciousness. A banana or cereal bar as a minimum to give you a quick blast of energy ahead of those lengths. Or, if you’re feeling really virtuous and organised, overnight oats with fruit or some avocado on toast are equal winners.


3. Have a Swimming Outfit you Look Forward to Wearing

You know that feeling when you can’t wait for Thursday night, mainly because you’re seeing your favourite girls but also in a big way because you are wearing that new dress and you la la love it? It’s possible to feel the same about exercise apparel and we’re making that dream a reality. If you dread your swimming costume experience then all the overnight prepping in the world isn’t going to make a morning swim happen. If you haven’t already, invest in a signature Swimbra and matching bottoms (our Regular Set in Navy are super gym friendly if you like to feel a bit invisible, or go for our Coral if you’re the bold and adventurous type), so that getting ready for your swim makes you feel great and motivated and strong and not flat or shapeless.


4. Set a Target

The best trick anyone ever taught us for an exercise swim? Have a target before you get in the water. Whether it’s three sets of 10 minute swims, or 15 lengths or 1500m – setting yourself a target gives you focus and allows you to track your progress swim on swim. Make sure you’ve got a bottle of water pool-side to rehydrate as you work out – don’t forget, sweating in water is still sweating!


5. Shower, Shake and Stick it in a D&B Waterproof Lifesaver bag

Once you’ve finished your swim, enjoy whatever post swim indulgences you prefer (sauna, steam room, 15 minute HOT shower) and simply shake your Deakin and Blue cossie under the shower, before giving it a gentle wring through and popping it in our signature Waterproof Lifesaver Bag. These bags are 100% waterproof, meaning your cossie can sit safely in your handbag for the rest of the day without getting anything else wet or smelly. Easy peasy.

Feeling a bit more inspired? Go on you underwater muses and let us know how you get on! (Don't forget to tag us in your D&B costumes with hashtag #Deakinandblue for 10% off your next order.)