ABOUT D&B: Muse Measurements - A Guide to Our Sizing

June 06, 2017

ABOUT D&B: Muse Measurements - A Guide to Our Sizing

We know that when picking a clothing size, body shape is just as important as body size.

Over the last year, we have heard from countless women about the frustrations of swimwear sizing options:

  • Struggling to buy a one piece because your top and bottom halves are different sizes
  • Having to buy extra bigger/smaller sizes for your top or bottom for the same reason
  • Having a small back size but large bust so having to buy a much bigger top size
  • Having a large back size and having retailers assume that you must also have a large bust

We know that being a ‘size 12’, or, even worse, a ‘medium’ can mean any number of things. And we also know that bodies don’t come in one uniform size from top to bottom.

You'd never run in a pair of medium size trainers, so why should that be good enough for your swim?


Getting our sizing right

When we were designing our first collection getting our sizing right became a really important pillar of our offering. It took more time, effort and energy but we’re delighted with the outcome: a sophisticated sizing option which allows you to pick based on dress size and bust size, to ensure you’re picking a costume or swimbra that perfectly fits your body shape.

The wording and language associated with our sizing was also really important to use. Who feels good buying anything in a size ‘extra large’? And what does that even mean?

Instead, we decided to base our sizing model around three women who had (and have) completely different body shapes but were/are all incredibly feminine, attractive and body-positive in their own way.


Introducing our Muses

Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn

The well-known and well-loved fashion icon, actress, dancer and humanitarian rose to fame in the 1950s. Audrey Hepburn was famous for her iconic, glamorous style. Slim and tall, Audrey had a small waist and small bust and looked effortlessly elegant in everything – including water!

Our size Hepburn in tribute to Audrey Hepburn represents a size AA – B cup bust.



Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe

Actress, model and pop culture icon, Marilyn Monroe is as famous for her curves and that flying skirt photo, as she is for her films. A slim size 12 with a classic hour glass figure (35 inch bust, 22 inch waist, 35 inch hips)  Marilyn was devastatingly glamorous and feminine.

Our size Monroe in tribute to Marilyn Monroe represents a size C – E cup bust.




Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendricks

Modern American actress Christina Hendricks became famous for her high-waisted skirts and generous bust as Joan in Mad Men. An icon for bigger busted women and an outspoken ambassador for body positivity, Hendricks wears a 36F and looks flipping amazing in everything.

Our size Hendricks in tribute to Christina Hendricks represents a size F-HH cup bust.




Picking your size

For all Deakin and Blue products you’ll be invited to select both your dress size and your bust size. We’re delighted to offer free delivery and returns in the UK, so if you’re not sure on your size, do order a couple to see which feels best.

Let us know which Muse you wear and share your photos of your D&B swimwear using hashtag #deakinandblue.