Behind The Scenes at D&B HQ

August 21, 2019

Behind The Scenes at D&B HQ

We recently invited six customers to come behind the scenes at D&B, to meet our Founder Rosie & learn more about our products and our plans. 


What was the event?

At D&B our customers have always been at the heart of our business and our product development. So it felt right, as we celebrated our second birthday, to invite a group of customers to join us to review our adventures so far and our exciting plans for the future.

The day was a chance to evaluate our journey, get some first hand feedback and to remember and celebrate our values: collaboration, healthy body image, sustainability and fun - with the people that matter most to D&B: you.  


Who was involved?

Joining us from Team D&B were Founder Rosie and our Head of Product, Lucie. Six amazing D&B customers travelled from far and wide to join us in our East London HQ - from Bristol, Brighton and even Ireland! 

Deakin and Blue: Behind The Scenes, Customer Workshop, Sustainable Swimwear, Made in London, All Bodies Are Beach Bodies (From L-R: Claire, Rowan, D&B Founder Rosie, Lucie, Kate, Jane, Cat & Charlotte)


What did we get up to?

Our six wonderful customers spent the day sharing their thoughts and feedback across a range of D&B areas. They tried on swimsuits and bikinis, felt different fabrics, talked about binding and elastics and linings and seams and stitches, played with colours and scribbled on a lot of post-it notes...!

Together we talked about the importance of confidence, of feeling "contained" and "held" in swimwear, and how a brilliant swimsuit can change the way you stand, walk and feel about your own body. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, we talked (a lot) about chafing, and bust support, and bikini lines...

In what was probably our favourite part of the day, we all also shared the thing about our bodies we love the most: from being strong, to having "amazing boobs" to being able to bear children - it was an incredible celebration of womanhood and everything that comes with it. 


A heartfelt thank you...

... to our marvellous customers for their time, patience, humour and more: Claire, Rowan, Kate, Jane, Cat & Charlotte - thank you!

Thank you also to the wonderful team at female founded, London skincare brand Pretty Athletic who generously gifted us with our favourite post-swim face tonic. 


Want to join us next time?

Keep an eye on us on Instagram and make sure you're signed up to our mailing list - we'll be running more customer workshops and events and would love you to join us next time!