Swimwear for a Channel Swim...

September 24, 2019

Swimwear for a Channel Swim...

Planning a Channel Swim or Channel Relay Swim? Congratulations. We salute you. 

So that you can get on with organising your training plan, we've set out below the rules and regulations regarding what you can and can't wear for a Channel Swim including which Deakin and Blue swimsuits and bikinis have been accredited by the Channel Swimming Association (CSA). Make sure you read the below carefully to ensure your impressive feat is successfully ratified.


What is and isn't allowed?

Swimwear is not allowed to be used for a channel swim if:

  1. It has sleeves or any coverage beyond the shoulders
  2. It comes down beyond the crotch (i.e. has shorts or legs as part of the swimsuit)
  3. It has been made from a fabric which offers additional thermal qualities such as neoprene or bonded Lycra. Likewise, no wetsuits are allowed.


Can I swim the channel in my Deakin and Blue swimwear?

Good news! A number of our swimsuits and bikinis are CSA accredited which means they have been approved for swimming across the channel and other marathon swims.

In fact, we are already aware of a number of our customers having swum the channel in D&B swimwear - including impressive Hildi pictured above.

We deliberately design a number of our pieces with long distance swims in mind so a number of our styles are specifically tailored for endurance swimming. If you have any questions on the best styles for distance swimming get in touch with us at hello@deakinandblue.com and we can happily advise you.


Which D&B styles can I wear for a Channel Swim?

The only D&B swimwear not eligible for ratified channel swims is:

1. Our Long Sleeve Swimsuit (because of the long sleeve)

2. Any of our swimsuits made from bonded Lycra (as these pieces offer additional warmth and bouyancy). The swimsuits made from bonded Lycra are our Signature Swimsuit in Black, Navy and Coral, and our Essential Swimsuit in Black and Aqua.

All other Deakin and Blue bikinis and swimsuits have been confirmed for use in swimming the channel.


Need more help?

If you have any questions or want further clarification, please get in touch with us - hello@deakinandblue.com.

Otherwise, good luck for the swim! If you do swim the channel in D&B swimwear, please send us a photo of you in action and we'll send you a gift for your achievement.