ADVICE: The Best Underwater Headphones

July 09, 2018

ADVICE: The Best Underwater Headphones

Some swimmers love the meditative sound of water rushing past their ears and the opportunity to completely switch off from the world. If that's you then we salute you - keep doing your thing! 

However, sometimes on long swims or if you've been swimming lots for training, some distraction from the sounds of the water (or the screaming children) are very welcome. There's definitely something magical about listening to your favourite band or podcast as you move through the water.

Here we share our top five underwater headphones, to suit all budgets.


1. The Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player - £109




These sleek and smart ear-bud-free headphone use bone conduction technology to provide crystal clear audio underwater.

Look:This device looks the business. A clean and sleek design which comes in two colourways (black & green or dark grey & mint).

Comfort: This device is ear-bud-free so you don't need to worry about headphones falling out underwater or being knocked as you swim. Instead the Duo clips on to your goggle strap and rests smoothly on your cheekbones. 

Storage: Good - up to 1000 songs or 60 hours of playback. That seems plenty long enough for our swims...

Depth: Usable up to 3 metres deep

Battery Life: Up to 7 hours and comes with a USB dock for recharging.

Our verdict: A really smart piece of kit for proper swimming. An investment buy but well worth the money if you're swimming regularly and looking for a good set of headphones to transform your swim experience.


2. The H20 Audio iPod Shuffle Case & Headphones - £87

H20 Audio Shuffle Case & Headphones Deakin and Blue

This smart case and headphones is designed to hold an iPod shuffle for underwater use. Note - you need to already own or buy separately an iPod shuffle for use with this case & headphones. This is a really smart option if you are using an iPod shuffle for other workouts such as running or gym-sessions, so that you can double up without having to own a separate device.

Look: A simple and sleek design which comes in two colourways (black and white). The case attaches neatly to your google loops to sit at the back of your head. 

Comfort: The H20 headphones come with five different earplug options to allow you to find a fit that is most comfortable for you. The headphone wires are deliberately kept short to avoid any tangling in the water.

Storage: The H20 case & headphones is designed to be used with an existing iPod shuffle device (most of which are 2GB storage - so approximately 500 songs).

Depth: Usable up to 3.6m deep.

Battery Life: Dependent on iPod shuffle. 

Our verdict: A great case and headphones for extending the use of an iPod shuffle into the water. Particularly useful if you're already using the Shuffle for running or similar.


3. Sony Waterproof All-in-One Walkman - £129

Sony All In One Waterproof Walkman

If "Walkman" conjures images of 90s cassette players then think again. This is a very neat piece of kit perfect for use on land or in the water.

Look: Available in green, blue or black, the Sony All-In-One Walkman features neat and compact ear pieces and a slim headband that wraps around the back of your head. 

Comfort: Good earphones and a neat headband to avoid any tangles in the water - and no need to attach to your goggles.

Storage: Two great options - either 4GB for 1000 songs or 16GB for around 4000 songs. 

Depth: Usable up to 2m deep. 

Battery Life: 7 hours. A feature we love about the Walkman - if you've forgotten to recharge the battery, you needn't worry as it takes just 3 minutes to charge up for a 60 minute playback.

Our verdict: Another good option for serious swimmers looking to invest in a decent piece of kit. Unlike the Finis Duo the Sony Walkman is a great piece of kit for dry workouts too, such as running or gym sessions, and comes with clever Bluetooth technology for easy connectivity.


4. Exeze Rider MP3 Player & Headphones - £32


Exeze Rider Waterproof Headphones

A very good budget option, the Exeze Rider Player & Headphones is a good option for those on a budget or still unsure about whether underwater music is for you. 

Look: The Exeze Rider Player is larger and slightly bulkier than some of the others.

Comfort: The Exeze Rider comes with a range of earplugs to allow you to find a set that best fits your ears. Alternatively if you have a set of waterproof headphones that fit perfectly, you can plug those into the 3.5mm audio jack.

Storage: Good, another 4GB device with storage for ~1000 songs.

Depth: Usable up to 3m deep. 

Battery Life: Up to 6 hours. 

Our verdict: Not quite as slick as some of the other options and with a slightly weaker battery life. That said this is a very good option given the price point.


5.  i360 Waterpoof MP3 Player - £50


i360 Waterproof Mp3 Player


Another very good low price option, the i360 can be used on land and in the water.

Look: A sleek design with neat headband. A control unit sits above each ear.

Comfort: Like several of the other options, the i360 comes with a range of ear buds to suit different ear sizes. Reviewers recommended wearing a swimhat with these to keep the earbuds in safely.

Storage: Good, the i360 also has 4GB storage for ~1000 songs.

Depth: Usable up to 3m deep. 

Battery Life: Up to 10 hours. 

Our verdict: A great option for those on a budget, the i360 has good storage, very good battery and a range of earbud options. 


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