The Best D&B Swimsuits & Bikinis for Training

May 06, 2020

The Best D&B Swimsuits & Bikinis for Training

Training for a triathlon or a long distance swim? Having the right kit is a critical part of feeling prepared for your next competition - whether it's your first competitive swim or you're a seasoned competition junkie.

D&B swimsuits are designed with performance in mind and we're thrilled that customers have worn our swimsuits and bikinis for everything from gentle weekly lengths to marathon swims (10k distances) and even channel swims. (Pictured above Hildi Mitchell on her English Channel swim in her Signature Swimsuit in Summer 2018).

Different swimsuits suit different body shapes so it's always worth trying a swimsuit on and practicing some key swim movements in the suit such as front crawl reaches, side rotations and stretches, to check you're happy and that the swimsuit works with your body as you move. We offer free UK delivery & returns so you can do this easily at home. 

Below we recommend three of our preferred swimwear styles for training and distance swims based on customer feedback and what we see our customers wearing time and time again at triathlons, marathon distance swims and long distance open water competitions. However, if you've got a swim coming up and you need more tailored advice, don't hesitate to get in touch and we can recommend the right piece for your shape and challenge - so you can get on with the swim!

1. The Signature Swimsuit

Deakin and Blue Sustainable Swimwear for Training Swims, Marathon Swims, Channel Swims, Exercise, Weekly Lengths, Laps of Pool, Triathlons

Deakin and Blue Sustainable Swimwear for Training Swims, Triathlons, Marathon Swims, Long Distance, Channel Swims and more

The Signature Swimsuit launched with us back in June 2017 and we've tweaked and refined it many times since then based on customer feedback. To this day it remains a really popular style for training and competition swims. 

The Signature Swimsuit is a great style for holding everything in place - featuring built in bust support and a high neckline which ensures no bust movement as you glide through the water. Recently we've lowered the arm hole to offer even easier, chaf-free movement and expanded the bottom coverage for guaranteed wedgie-free swims. Some customers like to vaseline their armpits and leg bindings before a swim in this suit to ensure absolutely no rubbing and it's worth giving this a go if you're unsure or preparing for a particularly long distance.

As with all our swimwear, this style is hyper-resistant to chlorine and salt water (so it will keep it's colour and shape during your training programme) and is made in London. 

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2. The Swimbra Bikini Set

Deakin and Blue Sustainable Swimwear for Training Swims, Marathon Swims, Channel Swims, Exercise, Weekly Lengths, Laps of Pool, Triathlons

Deakin and Blue Sustainable Swimwear for Training Swims, Long Distance, Marathon Swims, Triathlon, Channel Swims and more

Our Swimbra Bikini also launched with us back in June 2017 and is a style we have continued to refine and perfect. Designed to feel like a second skin, this sportsbra style swim bikini offers medium-impact bust support so is perfect for training and competitive swims, as well as for other water-based sports activities such as surfing, SUP yoga, diving and more.

Last year we removed all the seams from the design to make the piece completely chaf-free and we added a back zip to the top so that it can easily be slipped on over the shoulders and done up tightly. Featuring built in bust support, our signature butter-soft Lycra® and Italian power mesh, and the option to mix and match the bottoms with either low rise (regulars) or high rise (high waisted) bikini bottoms. 

Our customers have worn this style for triathlons, competitive pool swims and open water swims, marathon swims and more. Now available in Navy, Plum and Mint. This dive proof bikini set is perfect for active use - so get ready to dive straight in!

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3. The Classic Swimsuit

Deakin and Blue - Best Swimwear for training, competition, races, triathlon, marathon swims and more

Deakin and Blue - Best Swimwear for training swims, channel swims, marathon swims, triathlon, open water competitions and more

New for Spring Summer 2020, the Classic swimsuit was designed to bring together all the features our customers have come to love in D&B swimwear (great bust support, super comfortable, sustainably made) in a classic versatile style. The Classic swimsuit is reversible, offering you two swimsuits in one, and comes in our three signature silhouettes (for AA-B cups: the Hepburn, for C-E cups: the Monroe and for F-HH cups: the Hendricks) with generous bottom coverage in every shape.

Low cut under the arms, seam free, four way-stretch and featuring our signature contrast panels on the hips and around the tummy, this design is incredibly flattering, as well as being the perfect swim-bag staple for your training plan. 

We can't wait to hear what you think of this new style!  

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