MOTIVATION: Everything You Need to Get Back Into Swimming

December 21, 2017

MOTIVATION: Everything You Need to Get Back Into Swimming

Planning on getting back into swimming in the New Year? We recap everything you need to be ready for the pool. 


Deakin and Blue Everything You Need to Get Back Into Swimming


1. A Good Pair of Goggles

A good pair of goggles are a swim kit essential, regardless of your skills in the water and your preferred stroke. (Goggles are a little more optional if you're head up breast stroking, but donning a pair might also encourage you to pop your head under so we'd still strongly recommend).  Look for goggles that offer comfort as well as wide vision, and any that come with anti-fog lenses can be helpful too. 


2. A Swim Hat that Fits

Swim hats are great for both helping to protect your hair from all the chlorine in the water as well as keeping the pool cleaner and more hair-free for your fellow swimmers. Don't be scared of popping one on if you haven't before and, don't worry if you look a little alien in yours - we all do! Swim hats come in a variety of materials to suit your particular requirements (such as offering more warmth if you're an outdoor swimmer) and obviously we heartily recommend investing in one with a fun print!


3. A Great Cossie

Ahem, cue our entry. Not just something to help you to feel great about yourself in and out of the water, a good cossie that you feel good in is also a brilliant motivator for going for that weekly swim. Make sure you select swimwear that offers you support, comfort and full mobility - no chaffing, rubbing or slipping as you move. We (naturally) recommend our navy one piece for all newbie or long-returning swimmers; it's our best seller and available in sizes 8-24, AA-HH cup.


4. A Kit Bag, Flip Flops & Towel

Trying to thrust your cossie and goggles into your handbag before and after each swim can be a pain. Instead, invest in a decent, pretty kit bag that can accompany you to every swim and keep it stocked with a good pair of flip flops (to avoid you slipping pool side) and a comfy towel. 


5. A Friend to Drag With You

We all know it's easier to take up something new or to stick to a goal when we have someone coming along the journey with us. Convince a friend to join you for your swimming and you'll find it all the easier to ensure you go.




Still feeling a little underprepared for the return to the water? Why not book yourself onto a refresher course of adult improver lessons or a one to one swim lesson with a swim coach to help you remember some of the basics. 

Let us know how you get on!