MOTIVATION: 4 Classes to Improve Your Swimming Technique

May 08, 2018

MOTIVATION: 4 Classes to Improve Your Swimming Technique

The sun has finally come out to play, and it’s time to start making the most of London’s Lidos. If you’re hoping to perfect your swimming technique this summer, then look no further. Below we’ve collated 4 of the hottest classes, that will help you take your swimming stroke to new depths (pun intended).


Whether you’re new to swimming, a regular or a pro these 4 classes will improve your swimming technique. And if we have convinced you, don’t forget to tag us @deakinandblue #deakinandblue in your post-sweat selfies!

SUP (Stand Up Paddle-Boarding), from £30

First up is another water based activity, so swimmers will feel right at home. Although the water will be familiar, SUP requires a very different style of stroke, as you kneel or stand on your paddle-board and paddle with an oar. As well as being brilliant fun, paddle-boarding is also great for building upper body strength, as you use your arms to propel yourself across the water, with powerful strokes.


HoopTone, from £12

HoopTone is a cardio workout designed by 8 x Guinness World Record holder, Marawa. Classes will get you spinning into shape, with adult sized hoops, as you tone your core whilst listening to carnival tunes. Marawa believes that hula hooping is one of the best ways to work your midsection. Having a strong core is so important for swimming, as a lot of the movement required for swimming strokes, originates from your midsection.


Bouldering, from £20

As well as requiring upper body strength, bouldering also demands balance and coordination. You can’t forget about an arm or a foot, as you ascend, otherwise you’ll never making it to the top. Having synergy is hugely important in perfecting your swimming stroke, as the same logic applies - if one limb is off doing its own thing, your body won't be as productive as it could be.


Pilates, from £8
Pilates is a brilliant exercise to practice regularly, as it will help teach you which muscle groups you should, and shouldn’t be using, depending upon the movement. Regular attendance will see your posture improve, and body align, both of which will aid your swimming technique, as you’ll be activating the right muscle groups, at the right times. Plus, pilates is proven to help reduce the risk of injury, so prevent any unnecessary time out of the water by being one-step ahead! To find your nearest Pilates studio, search ‘pilates’ on 

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Happy Sweating!