How to: Bust some moves when you've got boobs

June 14, 2023

How to: Bust some moves when you've got boobs

Breasts, boobs, knockers, tits… However you feel about them, if you own a pair then you have to consider them when you’re putting on your swimwear.

Feeling confident and supported to move in the way you want is all about priorities. Right at the top of our list is comfort. We want to feel comfortable enough to be active in the way we enjoy - that might be playing on the beach or doing the Macarena in a resort pool on holiday. Priority two is support. This could be lifting and holding your boobs or it could mean keeping them in place – if you’ve ever jumped a wave and had a wardrobe malfunction, you’ll know what we mean. Priority number three is that your swimwear makes you feel confident like you look a million dollars.

So, here are our top tips for tits; how pick swimwear that makes you feel great and move joyfully whatever your bust story.

  1. Pick the right size

Whether you’re a sunbather, pool swimmer, surfer, wave-jumper or paddleboarder, getting the right fit for your bust size is vital. If you gathered a group of women who wear size 14, you’d notice a huge range in breast shapes and sizes. So, dress sizes aren’t a great way of getting the right fit in swimwear.

Our solution was to come up with a new sizing system. In each swimsuit and bikini top, you can pick your dress size and your curve size. So, if you’re a size 14 and wear a 34F bra, you can choose a size 14 Hendricks. If you’re a 34B, you’d pick a 14 Hepburn.

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  1. Think about its use

How you intend to wear your swimwear is a huge consideration. Are you a surfer who usually wears a wetsuit? Or a holiday maker basking in the sun by the pool? Will you be jumping, running, chasing children or grandchildren, or will you be head-down swimming?

All our swimwear has smooth seams to wear under wetsuits. It’s also cut away from the underarm to allow for freedom of movement and guard against chafing. But the amount of bust coverage and support does vary from the tan-line friendly Plunge Bikini and Swimsuit to the high-necked Signature Swimsuit or Swim Bra Bikini.

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  1. Think about other factors

When it comes to our breasts, we are all on quite a journey. How you feel about your chest size or shape, cultural or religious views, old and new associations and emotions can dictate how comfortable you are with different cuts and shapes. In addition to this, from breastfeeding our babies to surviving breast cancer, some busts need a little bit of extra love.

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To find out more about post-surgery swimwear or if you have a boob-related question or want advice on your swimwear fitting, please get in touch:

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