Fitting guide: Best swimwear for aquafit

August 02, 2023

Fitting guide: Best swimwear for aquafit


We all know that aquafit is a brilliant all-round workout for all ages. But before you take the plunge and join your local aqua fitness class, you'll need to invest in swimwear that's durable, flexible and supportive. So, what's the best aquafit swimsuit for busting those aqua-aerobic moves? Here's our guide to swimsuits and bikinis that will make you feel confident while you exercise.

Deakin & Blue Signature Swimsuit

Why do we love aquafit?

Aquafit, aqua aerobics or aqua fitness is like an aerobics class but in water. Usually done to music, it's fun, joyful and sociable. You can join classes where your in your depth, or opt for deep water aquafit for a different kind of workout.

Unlike exercise on land, being in water has all sorts of extra benefits. For a start, in water you're almost weightless and that means taking the strain off your joints and muscles. That's what makes aquafit so great for people with conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis, joint issues or injuries. 

In terms of a workout, like swimming, aquafit is a truly holistic workout. You exercise your cardio-vascular system, strengthen muscles using the resistance of the water and release feel-good hormones through movement and having fun.

Deakin & Blue X-Back Swimsuit

No side-boob here!

So, what do you need from your swimwear? Support is key. When you're jumping up and down in your aquafit class, feeling supported will help you feel confident in your movement. Our fabric is bonded, tailored and comes in three curve sizes so it holds you and supports you to move with freedom.

You also need to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. By choosing a style with a higher neckline and plenty of coverage around the bust, you can feel secure and comfortable that your boobs won't pop out!

Finally, by choosing an aquafit swimsuit with smooth seams and butter soft fabric, you can get full freedom of movement while avoiding chafing and rubbing. And with extra-durable fabric, our swimwear is designed to last you class after class.

We recommend:

The X-Back Swimsuit- With a high neckline, soft fabric and a beautiful cross-back shape, the X-Back Swimsuit gives you the tailoring and support you need for aquafit. Plus, it comes in a range of beautiful colours and classic Black.

The Signature Swimsuit - The mesh panelling on the Signature Swimsuit creates almost bra-like bust support with the coverage of a one-piece, plus it really allows for freedom of movement around your arms. The Signature Swimsuit is especially good for taller women and those of you who have bigger busts.

The Swimcrop Bikini - If you prefer a two-piece, go for the Swimcrop Bikini with the High Waister bikini bottoms. Again, the Swimcrop has good support for your boobs.

Chantelle (top image) wears The Signature Swimsuit in Black in an 18 Hendricks; Ana wears the X-Back Swimsuit in Scarlet in a size 24 Monroe; Stacey (below) wears the Swimcrop Bikini in Teal in a size 14 Hendricks.

Deakin & Blue Swimcrop Bikini