Behind the scenes: Our Making Waves Campaign

July 19, 2023

Behind the scenes: Our Making Waves Campaign

What starts as a hobby or interest can become life-changing – not just for us, but for others too. So, what do these hobbies and interests have in common? Community, health and environment all play a huge part in inspiring and moving people to change lives.

At the beginning of July, we met and photographed seven creative women who have been moved by their environment and communities and the health of both. In their own ways, each has used the arts to communicate their passions, inspiring and moving others along the way.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be hearing from each of them in turn as they tell us their body stories. We’ll find out how they’ve made a difference to their own lives and those of others by making waves in art, outdoors, female health and body happiness.

Deakin & Blue Swimcrop Bikini

Water and creativity

We’ve been struck by how being in, on and by water inspires creativity - in fact, it's the whole foundation for Deakin & Blue when Rosie started designing swimwear inspired by her weekly swims (Read Rosie's story). So, what is it about water that gets our creative minds whirring?

They key is the fact that, for so many of us, our relationship with water is more than the activities we do there: swimming, paddling, kayaking, surfing or diving. It’s also about building communities, harnessing the power of the natural world, changing perspectives and bringing huge mental and physical health benefits on both individual and community levels. And what better way to communicate that than through creating art, films, crafts - and through telling stories?

That's where our Body Stories come in. They've always been about telling individual stories, but we wanted to hear from women who communicate their stories in different formats, be that through art, writing, film or campaigns. It’s amazing how many creative ways we have of telling stories, communicating and inspiring others – and the seven women who took part in our Making Waves campaign each embraces a different form of creative story-telling.

Deakin & Blue X-Back Swimsuit Scarlet

Behind the scenes

Our Making Waves photoshoot was a wonderful way to capture real water-lovers wearing our swimwear in a beautiful location. On a very rainy day in July, our stella all-female team went to the stunning natural pool at Somerset Swim Retreats run by Rick Kiddle of NOWCA and his wife Clare.

As we publish the photos and body stories, you’ll hear from:

  • outdoor swimming artist Nancy Farmer whose joyful paintings, calendars and swim hats capture the beauty, fun and playfulness of the outdoor swimming community;
  • contemporary mural artist and dancer, Farrah Fortnam, whose incredible artwork is inspired by movement;
  • scuba diver and travel writer, Sarah Richard, founder of Girls That Scuba which empowers women to dive and elevates diversity within scuba diving;
  • ice-mile record-holder Becca Harvey, whose film The Ice Mile inspires others to take on super-human challenges and build resilience;
  • creative sea swimmer, Pippa Best, whose inspiring Sea Soul Oracle and Blessing cards bring a world-wide community of sea swimmers comfort and joy;
  • clean water campaigner and mermaid Lindsey Cole, whose joyful and touching children’s books inspire a whole generation to push for cleaner rivers;
  • body image campaigner and founder of The Body Happy Org, Molly Forbes, whose campaigning, book and resources help teachers, carers and parents inspire body confidence in children.

We hope that you enjoy reading about these wonderful women – perhaps they’ll inspire you to make your own waves.

Deakin & Blue Sweetheart Swimsuit