Guppyfriend Wash Bag

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When you wash your swimwear in a washing machine, multiple plastic micro fibres are released from the garment into the waterways and find their way into the rivers and oceans. 

A Guppyfriend™ wash bag both prevents micro fibres from entering the waterways, and extends the life of a garment by minimising fibre loss.

How to use a Guppyfriend

  1. Simply pop your garments inside the Guppyfriend wash bag and close
  2. Pop the bag inside the washing machine and wash as usual
  3. Once the wash is complete, remove your garments and remove the released microfibres from the pockets of the bag. 

A Guppyfriend wash bag is an incredibly easy way to take care of your swimwear whilst also minimising your footprint on the planet. What's more a portion of profits from sales of Guppyfriend wash bags goes to the non profit organisation STOP! Micro Waste.

This item is currently in production in our London studio. Preorder for dispatch 4th August.