Swim for Sustainability: D&B Deadstock Designs

January 25, 2024

Swim for Sustainability: D&B Deadstock Designs

If you love the outdoors and enjoy being in nature, it’s only natural that you want to look after it. For many outdoor swimmers, walkers, hikers and bikers, we have a strong sense of stewardship for our natural environment. But that doesn’t always sit comfortably with our position as consumers.

Luckily, your consumer choices hold power – as do our choices as makers. In fact, we feel the weight of responsibility for our environment ten-fold because not only do we make and sell products, but we’re also swimming, surfing, hiking lovers of the natural world ourselves. 

In recent years we've demonstrated our commitment to sustainability with offerings such as our swimwear repair service and Swimcycle: our swimwear recycling scheme.

So, when we say that we’re launching new products, we do it with a big caveat – these new products have huge eco-friendly credentials. Made from surplus leftover from the fashion industry, our new D&B Deadstock Designs save fabric from landfill.

D&B Deadstock Designs - Sustainable Inclusive Joyful Swimwear made from waste, made in London

Waste not

It seems bonkers to us that perfectly good fabric should end up in the bin. But, when big fashion manufacturers make a range of products, the fabric left on the end of the roll after they’ve cut the designated number of pieces is discarded. That’s where we step in. The bonus is that not only are we saving fabric from being thrown away, but we’re also able to make beautiful limited-edition swimwear.

Other sustainable fashion brands use deadstock fabric already – we love this bag by Lucy & Yak. But we’re the first swimwear brand to do it. We’re pretty proud of that.

“These beautiful fabrics would have been thrown away had we not intervened. Now, they can be enjoyed by our customers, for swim after swim,” said Rosie. “As a brand, we’re always thinking about how to improve sustainability, which is really important to us and to our customers, many of whom rely on swimming for their mental and physical wellbeing.”

D&B Deadstock Designs - Sustainable Inclusive Joyful Swimwear made from waste, made in London

Take a sneak peek

So, what can you expect? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing six D&B Deadstock Designs – five joyful patterns in our best-selling X-Back Swimsuit, Plunge Swimsuit and Plunge Bikini. Like all our swimwear, they’re being made responsibly in our lovely London studio and come with the same brilliant aftercare that you know and love.

Better than ever

And, because we take your feedback seriously, we’ve also tweaked these styles as part of our ongoing design reviews. Reversible swimsuits, new adjustable straps and improved fits on the bottom. All new styles are available in sizes 8-24. 

We’re proud to introduce:

  • The Really Wild One – Reversible Plunge Swimsuit in Black & Leopard Print
  • Tropical Forest – Reversible X-Back Swimsuit in Tropical & Forest Green
  • Daisy Blues – Reversible X-Back Swimsuit in Daisy & Cobalt
  • Blooming Beautiful – Adjustable Plunge Bikini in Daisy & Cobalt
  • Aloha Beautiful – Adjustable Plunge Bikini in Hawaiian Flowers
  • Flower Power – Reversible Plunge Swimsuit in English Meadow & Sage

Keep your eye on our website or subscribe to our newsletters to be the first to hear when they’re released to buy. Remember – they’re limited edition, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

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