Social Media Manager - Job Description

About us

At Deakin and Blue we make joyful swimwear, combining style, support and sustainability.

We are passionate about helping women of all shapes, sizes, ages, races and abilities to feel comfortable and confident in their swimwear.

We don’t compromise on fit, feel or function. Our swimwear looks good, feels amazing and does what we want it to do. It is supportive in every sense of the word. It lifts us up, empowering us to be joyful, active and carefree.

Our swimwear is sustainable with genuine green credentials. Made with care, repaired and recycled: Deakin & Blue swimwear is designed to last.

About our social media channels

We use our social media channels, alongside other marketing channels, to share the stories of our customers and the adventures they have in their swimwear – from wild dips in far flung places, to weekly lengths in their local lido and regular swims with their swim community.

We also use the social media channel to take customers and followers behind the scenes of the brand to share #WhoMadeTheirSwimwear and key USPs of our product portfolio.

What we're looking for

We are looking for a social media manager to work on a contractual basis 2-3 days a month (initially) to help us manage and deliver our 2023/2024 social media strategy.

Key responsibilities of the role are:

  • Content planning and scheduling
  • Copywriting and execution
  • Some image and dynamic content (including videos/reels) sourcing and creation (using tools such as Canva)
  • Reporting and contributing to monthly marketing meetings

We're looking for:

  • A strong creative eye
  • Excellent copy writing skills
  • Proven experience of managing and growing a social media channel
  • An eye to existing and upcoming social media trends and trending content
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • A team player

The social media manager will work alongside the rest of the marketing team, including the Customer and Community manager who oversees community management across all social media channels (including social media engagement).

You must be someone who enjoys getting into water - whether that's indoors or outdoors, in any capacity. We're not remotely interested in how fast or well or regularly you swim/surf/SUP/dive, only that you enjoy being in and around water.

You must also be someone who enjoys talking about women's body image and what we can do to help women feel better in their own skin.

You don't need to be an existing D&B customer but we do expect all members of the team to enjoy wearing our products and to be able to contribute proactively when we discuss product range, product development and so on. All members of the team have the opportunity to wear and test development samples as well as pieces from our existing ranges. If this feels like a perk of the job, then we'd like to hear from you. 

We're currently active on InstagramFacebook and Twitter, with a growing profile and presence on Pinterest and YouTube.

Key responsibilities of the role

1. Content planning and scheduling

  • Plan, arrange and coordinate content in line with seasonal, monthly and weekly marketing themes. Your role will involve planning the content strategy in line with the key themes – posting once daily on all key channels.
  • Inputs you will have access to include:
    • Core brand assets (brand identity guidelines, ecomm and campaign photography)
    • New brand content (images and videos) on a monthly basis
    • New blog content (weekly) and associated images and videos
    • BTS images (of our factory, fabric and yarn, photoshoots etc)
    • UGC
    • Suggestions for inspirational/swim-relevant content – with a view to you sourcing additional content ongoing
  • Note: most assets exist already but part of this role involves simple editing/cropping of images for each platform and creating new content pieces. You must be comfortable taking your own photos and videos of products or interactions with our brand in order to create reels and new content in line with social media trends. e.g. an unboxing video, a video trying a style on, or pulling together multiple images of customers in swimwear with accompanying trending audio and relevant on-trend caption. You must have experience (even for your own social media activity) of creating content.


2. Copywriting and execution

  • Once the content strategy has been outlined, schedule the content (we currently use Later) and post content on a daily basis, writing on-brand captions and messages, and using relevant hashtags and tagging tools for each platform.
  • Identify potential collaboration opportunities with on-brand influencers, retail brands and customers.


3. Reporting

  • Monthly reporting across all channels – on acquisition, engagement, top-performing content etc.
  • Attending and contributing to monthly marketing meetings to shape the marketing strategy for the brand, discuss and review upcoming content and review marketing campaigns


Benefits and reasons why the role might appeal

  • Work very closely with the Founder of a purpose-led, exciting and fast-growing swimwear brand (customers and revenue > 100% YoY)
  • Join a friendly and fun marketing team made up of a mix of freelancers and full time employees (the rest of the team have been in the business for over 2 years - some for longer). 
  • Opportunity to see inner workings of a sustainable fashion brand from the production studio in Hackney all the way to the end customer.
  • Opportunity to provide key strategic input to key marketing and business strategies.
  • Opportunity to work remotely and flexibly
  • Opportunity to attend and contribute to key brand events such as photoshoots, production meetings and more 
  • Significant growth opportunity: as D&B grows there will be opportunity for the role to further expand as desired.


Want to apply?

Please email Sadie ( with a copy of your CV and a link to the social media pages you currently manage.

Role is due to start at the beginning of October.

Deadline to apply is 5pm Monday 4th September.