#COORDINATEDSWIMKIT: Your 2017 Christmas Wish List

Crafting your Christmas Wish List?

If #coordinatedswimkit is part of your 2018 #goals then look no further. For the next fortnight we'll be sharing our favourite co-ord swim sets. 


This Week: the Coral & Black Cossie Kit.



Coordinated Swim Kit: Christmas Wish List 2017


1. Our Coral Cossie

Look good and feel good in our fab and feminine cossie. Made for the superheroine in you. Made from eco-friendly fabrics and designed to suit your body shape, this cossie is perfect for the weekly swim as well as the odd pool-side cocktail on holiday. 

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2. Our New Favourite Goggles

The Aqua Sphere Vista goggles are a swimmers dream come true. Designed to offer full eye coverage without the eye-sucking sensation but with all of the leak-free guarantee. These slender goggles come in a range of colourways - naturally we'd pair the red and white set with our coral cossie.

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3. Go-To Black Swimhat

A swim wardrobe staple - the black swim hat is a must for the regular swimmer. Minimising exposure to chlorine and keeping hair out of your face, a sleek black hat is the perfect partner for our coral cossie. A wide number available from all the usual manufacturers and sports shops.

Various available.


4. A Black Towel

Because white towels NEVER stay clean and because #coordinatedswimkit doesn't end at the changing room. Vain? Us? Guilty.

Various available.


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