Black Friday, Differently at Deakin & Blue

November 10, 2023

Black Friday, Differently at Deakin & Blue

Over the last few years we've thought long and hard about how to participate in Black Friday. We know that retail events and sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday can encourage mindless consumption that feels at odds with our values. So this year, as in previous years, we're participating in our own way and on our own terms.

No rush, no landfill.. just the same great quality, responsibly-made products and year-round sustainable after-care briefly available at a reduced rate.

From Saturday 11th November to midnight Tuesday 28th November we invite you to enjoy up to 50% off all full priced items on our website. No code required, the discount will be applied for you as you browse and purchase. 

Read on to find out more.

1. Slow shopping

We're running a two week sale to help you shop in a slower, more considered way rather than in a panic over a single weekend.

We don't want you to buy things you don't want or need. In fact, it's expensive for us when you do this (think of the costs of return postage, packaging, cleaning and restocking items and so on). Instead we intend for a wider window to help relieve some of the sales panic and allow you to purchase a high quality, well made swimsuit at an unusually discounted rate.

As always, please check our size guide for help picking the right size for you. Want style advice? Why not get in touch with Sadie in our customer services team who can advise on the right style for your shape.

Deakin and Blue - BLACK FRIDAY 2023 - sustainable swimwear sale

2. No landfill, ever

We don't ever send returned items to landfill (as unfortunately a number of brands do). Sale swimsuit or otherwise, all items that are returned by customers are quality checked, cleaned and returned to our stock. 

So, if you want to, you can shop in our Black Friday sale knowing that your choices are not generating needless landfill.

3. The same great quality at an unusually reduced price

We've all gotten used to buying garments at incredibly low prices as fast fashion encourages a race-to-the-bottom pricing strategy for most retailers. Sustainable products come with a higher price tag because the customer pays for the product, rather than the cost being borne by the person who made it or the planet.

Retail events like Black Friday allow us to make our pieces more accessible whilst maintaining our ethical & environmental standards (the person making your sale swimsuit is still paid, at minimum, London Living Wage).

We take this short term hit on our own profit because we know that once you've owned, swum and felt amazing in a D&B you understand why our pieces are worth the investment.

Deakin and Blue - BLACK FRIDAY 2023 - sustainable swimwear sale

4. A sustainable service 

Our sustainable practices and activities, such as our year-round repair service and our swimwear recycling scheme remain in place for all items purchased in the Black Friday sale.

So, even if you have managed to secure a D&B at significant discount, we'll still help you to look after it and wear it season after season, swim after swim.

Deakin and Blue - BLACK FRIDAY 2023 - sustainable swimwear sale

Don't need a swimsuit or bikini right now? No problem. Please don't feel pressured to shop during the sale. There are lots of other ways to support us... why not subscribe to our newsletter for customer Body Stories & #BehindTheSeams updates?

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Thank you for supporting us. If you are browsing the sale - then enjoy!

Rosie & Team D&B