You tell us: D&B in one sentence.

March 14, 2019

You tell us: D&B in one sentence.

Last month we invited our customers to win a swimsuit or bikini from our new collection by describing us in one sentence.

Your answers were the best thing ever.  We even received a haiku. 


All kinds of articulate...

Deakin and Blue helps you swim back to being you... (Laura)

A triple threat: stylish, practical and environmentally responsible. (Ella)



Wearing a Deakin and Blue is like being with your best friend: you don't have to say or do anything, it's all perfectly comfortable but you feel fully supported, you know they'll stick around forever and they bring out all of your Fabulousness! (Claudine)

Life-changing, or at least swim-changing, which is pretty much the same thing. (Hildi)


Straight to the point...

A bloody GAMECHANGER (Isabel)

The answer to my prayers (Jo)

My perfect swimwear (Eleanor)


And hilarious:

Unlike the thin thongs and granny cozzies of yore, when I catch my D&B reflection, even I go Phwoarrrrr! (Helen)


The winning entry

It was hard to pick from more than 150 responses but finally we picked one that hit home for us:

Confidence giving: so important when you're a body conscious swimmer - can be the difference between going and feeling amazing or missing out because of a ridiculous reason - nobody cares, but you! (Katie B)

Katie - we loved it! Thank you so much. We've dropped you an email with all the details so you can claim your winning cossie or bikini. Thanks to everyone who took part. We loved reading your responses and they made our week!