Who made your swimwear? #FashRev2019

April 22, 2019

Who made your swimwear? #FashRev2019

Fashion Revolution Week was established to commemorate the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh in 2013 which killed over 1,000 workers.

As a brand we take our responsibilities (to our suppliers, partners and the planet) very seriously, so we're proud to be taking part in Fashion Revolution Week and to be shining a spotlight on the individuals involved in making your swimwear.

About The Rana Plaza factory collapse

In 2013 cracks appeared in the five storey factory building and workers expressed their concerns about their safety to the building's owners. The owners ignored the warnings and ordered the workers to return to the factory again the following day. The building collapsed the following morning killing 1,134 people, over half of whom were women and including many children who were in the nursery facilities at the time.

The Rana Plaza collapse is the deadliest garment factory collapse in history, but unfortunately it is not the only tragedy of the fashion industry. Even today the fashion industry is one of the most opaque and exploitative industries globally.

Fashion Revolution Week at Deakin and Blue

Fashion Revolution Week is your chance to ask brands "Who Made My Clothes?" - to take a moment to consider and question the supply chain and individuals involved in making the items you wear every day. 

We believe that doing good is just good business. From the fibres in our fabrics all the way to the packaging we send you your swim pieces in, we are thinking about our impact on the planet and people around us. (Read more about our commitment to Sustainability here.)

We produce all our swimwear in a small factory in Bow, East London. Here Rosie explains why she chose the factory:

When I first set up Deakin and Blue it was important to me to be able to visit the factory regularly - I visit 2-3 times a week when our swimwear is in production. I like knowing the seamstresses by first name and that I can see, first hand, the environment in which they are working. Our production studio is a fun and friendly place - all of the team live in the local area in East London, the studio is clean, the machines used are new and safe, the radio is always on and there is always coffee available! It's important to me to be able to know, with absolute confidence, that the men and women making our swimwear are working in safe, clean conditions, that they are paid fairly and treated kindly. Because how can we commit to helping women feel amazing in our swimwear if the women involved in making them are treated so poorly?


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Want to Know More?

As a brand we are proud to be taking part in Fashion Revolution Week again this year. However, transparency and honesty underpin our activities year round - so you can ask us at any time, any week of the year about our supply chain, our seamstresses, our fabric, our production processes and we'll happily tell you about them.