What Makes A Triathlete?

February 27, 2018

What Makes A Triathlete?

Some 50,000 people attended the London Triathlon Show last weekend and so we had the great pleasure of meeting 100s of women - from those planning their first triathlon to those who were preparing for their 8th or 9th. It was a very inspiring weekend.


Triathlon - What Makes a Triathlete?


However, as a team across the three days, we were really struck by the recurring message from the women we met:

  • "I do triathlons but I don't look like a triathlete"
  • "I do triathlons but I'm not a triathlete"
  • "I'm training for my fifth triathlon but I don't have the body of a triathlete"

It was remarkable that so many women - women whose bodies undertake impressive feats (sometimes on multiple occasions, over multiple years) - still measured their bodies against a single perception of what it is to be strong or healthy or fit. 

It was such a great reminder of the importance of sharing images (as we do) of women of all shapes, sizes and ages - women who feel fantastic in their own skin and proud of the achievements their bodies have seen them through. Because it's bloody impressive if you can complete a triathlon. 

You look like a triathlete, because you are one.