The Luxury of Trying On at Home

May 11, 2019

The Luxury of Trying On at Home

If you’ve ever tried to buy swimwear on the high street then you’ll probably be familiar with the hideous experience of having to take all your clothes off in a tiny changing room. One that is too small to stand back and view your full body length and one that has lights that are too bright and too harsh to be remotely helpful or flattering. Perhaps you found yourself squinting as you tried to imagine what you might look like in the soft light of your upcoming Italian holiday or on your next visit to Brighton beach.

At Deakin and Blue HQ, we’re firm believers that there’s nothing quite like the luxury of trying swimwear on at home.

Here’s why:

Lots more space.

Even the humblest of living spaces tend to boast more space than a high street changing room. This isn’t just good if you’re claustrophobic (although, who isn’t claustrophobic mid-swimsuit-try-on in a small confined space?) but it is also great for those of you who want to see your full body length (front and back) without standing alarmingly close to a very large mirror (it’s not you, no one looks good that at that angle) or perhaps even practice your best front crawl movements to test how the costume moves as you move. In the safety of our bedrooms we can see ourselves from a longer distance and properly test how we feel in a swimsuit or bikini. Goodness – in the comfort of home you can pop it on and go for a full round-the-house wander glimpsing yourself in every mirror and shiny surface to check you’re happy.

Familiar, friendly lighting.

Goodness knows who invented changing room lighting but we’d love to meet a woman who feels good under that many watts. More natural, familiar lighting allows us to try pieces on without being distracted by illuminous skin and to also see how the colours of the piece really sit against our own colouring. Turns out it’s very hard to feel good in something or to even assess it fairly when we’re melting under the heat of a thousand lightbulbs.

Easy outfit planning.

Buying a swimsuit for an upcoming holiday? It’s great to be able to check what your new swimwear looks like with your trusty denim shorts or that beloved beach hat. (Our long sleeve cossie is a stunner with your holiday shorts.) In the comfort of our bedrooms we can accessorise, dress up and dress down to test the versatility of the piece before committing. Easy peasy.

Take your time.

Trying swimwear on at home allows us to avoid the fitting room queues and the pressure to try things quickly. No more bouncing between shops, whizzing into changing rooms, taking all your clothes off and then putting them all on again whilst trying not to overheat, over-sweat or lose your patience altogether. We recommend a relaxing shower before trying your swimwear on (which handily also avoids deoderant marks on the pieces), making yourself a cup of tea and giving yourself a fair amount of time to try each piece on and check for fit and feel before deciding. Once you're done? No need to wrestle yourself onto a train, stick on your slippers and you're already home.


At D&B we’re pleased to offer free UK delivery & returns on all orders over £50 - so you can enjoy trying your swimpieces on in the luxury of your own bedroom. You’re very welcome.