SWIMWEAR STYLING: Swimwear for your Shape

June 17, 2017

SWIMWEAR STYLING: Swimwear for your Shape

We all have bits of our body we like to celebrate and bits we’d prefer to minimise or conceal, and there’s nothing worse than feeling flat or shapeless in swimwear. Our First Collection is deliberately designed to flatter and celebrate a variety of different body shapes – whether you’re bigger busted or have a straight figure or like to minimise your lower half.

Here we share our guide to selecting swimwear from our first collection, based on your body shape.

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I’d like to celebrate my waist

Deakin and Blue Flattering Swimwear for your ShapeIf you’ve got a naturally highlighted waist then firstly, congratulations – you lucky thing! We recommend celebrating your waist with ourRegular Two Piece Set which sits symmetrically on the body and frames your waist perfectly. OurRegular Knickers sit firmly on the hips and ourSwimbras come to just below the bust, leaving your fabulous waist to do the talking itself. No need to hide it away behind fabric – celebrate it properly!


I’d like to accentuate my waist

Deakin and Blue Flattering Swimwear designed for your body shape


If you’ve got a relatively straight figure (or as my mum says ‘I have no waist at all!’) and are looking to accentuate your waist, then a swimsuit that clearly defines the area below your bust is a brilliant way of providing the illusion of a waist. Our Signature Swimsuit is designed to do just this. The panel of soft-to-touch power mesh immediately below your bust highlights your waist line and provides the flattering illusion of a curvy silhouette.



I’d like to minimise my bottom

Minimise my bottom Deakin and Blue Swimwear for your ShapeThe tendency if you are bottom conscious is select a style that fully conceals your lower half. However, lots of fabric on your bottom can actually draw more attention to this part of your body and can accentuate the size. Instead, we recommend our Regular Knickers which still offer full coverage across the bottom and hips whilst simultaneously flattering and minimising your lower half. For the particularly bottom conscious, avoid a patterned fabric as this will draw more attention. Instead select a single colour fabric which will minimise the area.



I’d like to minimise my bust

Minimise my bust Deakin and Blue Flattering Swimwear for your ShapeIf you’re lucky enough to have a large bust then high five, you curvy thing you!
Firstly make sure you’re selecting the right size for your bust (read our sizing guide to remind yourself of how our sizing works). Our Swimbras have a concealed deep-V neckline which is highly flattering on a larger bust and will help to minimise your bust whilst still celebrating your curves properly. Pair our Swimbra with our High Waisters for a stylish balance of top half and bottom half, which again helps to minimise your chest. If you like to mix and match pick a patterned bottom half (see our Lily High Waisters) to help draw attention from your top half. 

Our Signature Swimsuit is also designed to celebrate and flatter larger busts – the panel of soft-to-touch power mesh beneath the bust highlights your waist, drawing attention away from your chest. If you’re particularly bust conscious then we recommend starting with our Navy sets and swimsuits which are particularly understated and flattering without drawing too much attention.


I’d like to accentuate my bust

Accentuate my bust Deakin and Blue Swimwear for your shapeThere’s nothing worse than feeling bust conscious in swimwear, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a smaller bust. Our Signature Swimbra has a rounded neck line designed to flatter smaller chests. If you’re particularly conscious choose from our sets with similar mesh and stretch colours, such as our Navy swimbra with black powermesh, as the deep-V is particularly disguised. Alternatively, pair a printed Swimbra, such as our Lily print, with a plain knicker bottom, to draw attention to your upper half. Looking for a cossie? The sweetheart neckline on our swimsuit is highly flattering on a smaller bust, giving the illusion of a curvy chest, whatever your bust size. 


I’d like to cover my tummy

Cover my tummy Deakin and Blue Swimwear for your body shapeAh the dreaded tummy. Most women feel a little self conscious about their tummy which is often one of the first places that women can put on weight. However – fear no more! Lined with our soft-to-touch power mesh, both our High Waisters and our Signature Swimsuit are designed to support and control your tummy, whilst drawing attention to your waist and away from your tummy area. If you're particularly tummy-conscious, select a single colour fabric, such as our Navy colourway, as patterns can draw more attention to the area you're trying to conceal.


I’d like to celebrate my legs

Elongate my legs Deakin and Blue Swimwear for your shapeWho wouldn’t? We all know that an elongated leg is the height of glamour. Even if you’re conscious of a slightly wobbly thigh area, elongating the leg is best practice for flattering your leg shape. All of our Swimsuits and knickers are cut at medium leg height to ensure full bikini line coverage whilst also accentuating your leg line. If you’re particuarly conscious, try our Signature Swimsuit which has our power mesh sitting on the hips to highlight the illusion of a long leg. You’re welcome!


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