SWIM HAIR, DO CARE: How to Look After Your Hair After a Swim

October 24, 2017

Deakin and Blue Tips for Looking after Your Hair After a Swim

An important consideration for many of us when swimming regularly in a chlorinated pool: how do you protect your hair against becoming dry, weak and damaged from all the chlorine exposure?

We share the top tips from regular swimmers on how to look after your hair before, during and after a swim. 


Swim hair do care - tips for looking after your hair after a swim Deakin and Blue


1. Fresh water pre-swim

Wetting your hair with fresh water (a quick dip in the shower or head under the tap) before getting in a chlorinated pool helps your dry hair and scalp to absorb the fresh water, and therefore soak up less of the chlorinated water during your swim. 


2. Wear a swim hat

Wearing a swim hat is not only a great way of keeping your hair out of your face whilst you're in the water, it also offers your hair protection against the chemicals by reducing exposure to the water. Very long hair? Long hair swim hats are also available to buy for those of you with longer locks - so there's no excuse!


3. Avoid shampoo, just conditioner

Shampoo can dry out already weakened hair and, if you're swimming regularly, your hair simply won't need re-shampooing after every swim. Instead, avoid shampooing and just use a good quality conditioner.


4. Oil it up

Coconut oil is a low cost and highly effective way to condition and regenerate hair, without accidentally adding any of the chemicals often found in commercial products and conditioners. Using a small amount of coconut oil on wet hair after a swim will help to keep your hair nourished, strong and shiny. 


5. Go easy with the hairdryer

It's tempting post swim to just blast wet hair with as much hot air as possible.  Try to dry hair on a medium temperature and avoid holding the hair dryer in one place for too long - keep it moving! When going over the ends of your hair, which are usually most at risk, make sure you only use the hairdryer over a brush - so no direct hot air on the ends. 


As is often the case, there's no single view on how best to look after your locks before, during and after a swim, so our best advice is to give the above a go and find a method that works best for you!


Thanks to A Lotus Rises and the swim hair experts in Women in Open Water for their insights!