Refreshing a well loved swimsuit (or How to avoid Black Friday…)

November 10, 2018

Refreshing a well loved swimsuit (or How to avoid Black Friday…)

If Black Friday isn’t your thing then rest assured – we have total sympathy with you. The thought of wrestling a complete stranger for a cut-price microwave in John Lewis is the absolute stuff of our nightmares. This US imported sales event has become an institution in the British retail calendar (and full disclosure, we’re taking part too).

It’s a brilliant weekend if you’ve been eyeing up an expensive piece for sometime and might be able to secure a good deal – and even better if you can do that from the comfort of your sofa rather than having to face the high street.

However, it also generates a lot of noise and can promote purchasing that we simply don’t need. (We dread to think of the state of the ASOS returns room on Tuesday after Black Friday weekend).

But just because you’ve decided to avoid the mad sales, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a chance to refresh your swim-attire. Here are our three top tips for restyling your familiar and well loved swimwear.


Lucy Love Kernow Black Friday Swimwear


1. Mix and Match

That favourite navy bikini will have a lovely facelift by pairing either part with a different top or bottoms, giving you what feels like a whole new swim outfit. Try to pick bottoms or a top which has some navy in it somewhere (our lily bottoms are perfect for this) so that the look comes together neatly, without feeling uncoordinated.


2. Upgrade your go-to goggles & swimhat

Always pairing your Black cossie with black goggles and a black swim hat? Why not try wearing the suit with a brightly coloured hat and matching goggles in the same colour (we love electric blues and hot pinks with our Black signature suit).

Accessories can completely change an outfit and the same is entirely true of your swim-wardrobe. Rather than purchasing new, why not have a root around the back of the wardrobe for previously-discarded swim hats that might be up to the job? Or why not swap swim accessories with a friend for a fortnight? If you love the new combination you might decide to invest in a set yourself.


3. Give your cossies some TLC

Swimsuit scrunched up at the bottom of your gym bag smelling rather strongly of chlorine and the most recent sea dip? We hear you, we’re guilty of this too. When we got talking to a number of you at a recent event you told us that you don’t wash your swimsuit after every use (and you don’t need to, provided you rinse it through and hang it out to dry). But if you’ve been swimming in that old faithful rather a lot lately, then why not give the beloved cossie a good soak in some tepid soapy water before popping in the machine for a quick rinse. She’ll come out smelling lovely and fresh and will feel like a new cossie!

Still can’t shift the urge for a new swimsuit?

You can browse our Black Friday sale here (and we promise, no judgement!)