October 04, 2017


We love our fortnightly catch up with customers about all things swimwear and swimming. It's always fascinating to learn more about the women interacting with our brand, where and when they are wearing their D&B swimwear and what swimming means to them. 

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Sarah - an entrepreneur who lives (and swims) in Seattle. Sarah has rheumatoid arthritis and describes swimming as a relief from the pain caused by the disease. 

We knew we'd get along very well with Sarah when she first sent us a photo of her in her Lily Swimbra in a hot tub with a glass of white wine in hand - woman after our own heart!


Deakin and Blue Real Women Sarah


Sarah, tell us a little bit about you.

I grew up in London and now live in beautiful Seattle. 

I've always loved anything to do with water. I enjoy boats, kayaking, swimming and hot tubs and I even keep an aquarium!

I also have rheumatoid arthritis, a very painful autoimmune disease. Swimming is particularly important to me as it is a great way to get relief from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) pain, and is one of the few sports I can continue to do when I'm having an RA flare.

Outside of swimming, I run Case Study Ninja - a business which helps other companies evidence their success. Inspired by my own experience with RA, I am also on a mission to improve the quality of disability aids, starting with wrist supports.


It's sounds like you're a very busy woman - how often do you swim and whereabouts?

I swim at least once a week, usually at my local pool. However, my absolute favourite thing is swimming outdoors and in the sea.

What do you enjoy most about swimming?

I enjoy taking time out from everyday stress and busy-ness to enjoy the peace and quiet of swimming. I swim for fitness, it's a great way to stay in shape, and I also swim for relief from my RA pain. I absolutely love the feeling of being in water - that's probably what I enjoy the most. 

Have you got a favourite swim or swim spot?

There are many!

In London I'm a big fan of Crystal Palace Sports Centre for the the diving pool, Beckenham Spa and Dolphin Square fitness club for laps, and getting outdoors at Brockwell lido - it's always a lot of fun in the summer. I also enjoy swimming in the sea off of Brighton beach.

In Seattle I like the Olympic gym in Ballard, plus there are a whole host of open water opportunities - the water is absolutely freezing though!

The most amazing pool that I've ever swum in has to be the infinity pool at the Lefey Spa hotel in Lake Garda. I was fortunate enough to visit on my honeymoon. The pool is saltwater - no chlorine yay! - and has incredible views from the pool across the Italian countryside.

That sounds absolutely incredible! We'll be adding that to our list of destination pools to visit!

So, what first attracted you to Deakin and Blue?

I felt instantly that the brand was made for people like me - normal women who enjoy swimming and want to look good doing it.

And which Deakin and Blue swimwear do you own?

I have the navy swimsuit and the lily two piece with the high waisted knickers. I wear your size 12 Hendricks. 

How do you feel in your Deakin and Blue swimwear?

I feel confident and happy.

And how is your Deakin and Blue swimwear different to anything else you have swum in?

It's functional without being frumpy and stylish without being skimpy.

I'm a UK size 12 32G and am thrilled to have finally found swimwear that actually fits me, and doesn't either squash my bust, or display acres of cleavage.


Any final words to friends and fans of Deakin and Blue?

See you all in the pool!


We really loved talking with Sarah - an impressive woman doing impressive things and and building a swim into her week for both the physical and mental benefits - something that we know resonates with lots of our customers and fellow swimmers.

Are you interested in chatting to us about your experience of swimming and swimwear for our series? Get in touch at And in the meantime, keep an eye out for the next post in our series Real Women Wear D&B.