July 31, 2017

Deakin and Blue Real Women Swimwear

In our new series: Real Women Wear D&B, we talk with a different Deakin and Blue customer each month about their swimming and their relationship with swimwear.

In this, our inaugural post, we talked to Journelle, who is 40 and from Hamburg. Journelle is a married working mum with two children who blogs regularly as an outlet for her thoughts on feminism, body culture, sexuality and swimming - a woman after our own heart! 


Real Women Wear Deakin and Blue


Here's what Journelle had to say when we caught up with her earlier this month...

Journelle, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us. You're a busy woman balancing family and career, so how often do you manage to swim and where do you swim?

Friday morning is my fixed swimming time and I swim every week at that time. If I can, I try to also swim on the weekend or in the afternoon during the week. In the winter I swim at an architecturally fascinating pool in Hamburg with a 50m lane, called the Alsterschwimmhalle. In the summer I prefer a beautiful outdoor pool with cold water (between 17 and 21 degrees Celsius) and a 50m lane, called the Kaifubad. I love the quietness of the place - mostly there are just 5 to 10 other people with me in the pool. When I am on holiday I try to swim in the sea as much as possible but I am afraid to swim in lakes or rivers by myself.

How long have you been swimming for?

Actually I can't remember how and when I learned to swim. At secondary school we had a great teacher who taught us a lot about swimming technique. When I left school I joined a training team at University. I have always loved swimming and I have been a good swimmer for a long time, in fact I used to swim in a club. After a long pause (children, career and so on) I started to get back in the water regularly four years ago. I haven't looked back.

What do you enjoy most about swimming?

For me - it's the peace and quietness. As soon as I am in the water I feel great. I calm down, nothing feels heavy anymore, the cold water feels awesome on my skin and when I get out I feel tired in a wonderful way. Swimming, diving, playing and being in water is the best thing for me.


Journelle Deakin and Blue

Do you swim mostly on your own or with others?

I swim on my own. I would definitely like to find people that wanted to swim with me in open water. That said, one reason I love swimming so much is that I don't have to communicate with others - it is a time entirely for me.

Have you got a favourite swim or swim spot?

I don't have a favorite swim spot. Actually everywhere I go I try to check out new spots. I approach new places via local food and swim spots! 


What first attracted you to Deakin and Blue?

I first saw the brand on the cover of the Outdoor Swimmer magazine - the model was wearing the Coral One Piece and I thought "I want that suit". I did some research and pre-ordered the costume. It's always difficult to find swimwear that is pretty and supportive, especially when you are a larger person with big hips and breasts. After swimming many miles in my new costume I can confirm that it's beautiful, it feels good and you can train in it.

Journelle Signature Swimsuit Coral Deakin and Blue

Which Deakin and Blue swimwear do you own?

Currently the Signature Swimsuit in Coral. I wear size 16 Monroe.

How do you feel in your Deakin and Blue swimwear?

Beautiful and athletic.




And how is your Deakin and Blue swimwear different to anything else you have swum in?

Normally my swimwear is entirely functional. My swimsuit from Deakin and Blue makes me feel like a gorgeous mermaid doing her morning mile.


It was an absolute pleasure catching up with Journelle and we're thrilled with how much she likes her new D&B swimwear. You can visit her blog (in German) at Journelle or follow Journelle on Instagram at Journelle Instagram.

Interested in chatting to us about your experience of swimming and swimwear for our series? Get in touch at And in the meantime, keep an eye out for the next post in our series Real Women Wear D&B.