Plastic free periods - prevent pollution every single month.

October 10, 2019

Plastic free periods - prevent pollution every single month.

Nearly half of the worlds population live by the coast, spending time on, in and by the water. We use the water for fun, to make a living, to set physical and mental challenges, to soak up the wellbeing benefits, and so much more. This is a place we know, respect and love.

With 86% of the British public worried about the impact of plastic pollution, City to Sea are championing women who share our love for the ocean to help promote one simple way that we can reduce single-use plastic in our lives.      

A staggering 4.3 billion disposable menstrual products are used in the UK every year with most of them containing single-use plastic in some form. In fact, a ‘conventional’ box of disposable menstrual pads contains around the same amount of plastic as five carrier bags! Many people are more shocked to hear that tampons also contain a plastic weave. 

50% of these single-use plastic-y products are flushed down our toilets (rather than put in the bin), creating sewer blockages and ending up as pollution on our beaches or in our ocean. A wealth of evidence shows that this plastic pollution kills marine life and makes its way into our food chain in the form of microplastics - yuck.

A recent report found that menstrual products are the fifth most common item found on Europe’s beaches, more widespread than single-use coffee cups, cutlery, straws or even plastic bags. 

But there’s another way!

What if we could replace disposable, toxic period products with ones that are better for the ocean, for our wallets and for our bodies?

We can all make a small change and switch from single-use, plastic period products to reusable products like period pants, washable period pads and menstrual cups. For those people or circumstances where reusables aren’t an option there is now a whole host of companies selling plastic-free disposables!

The tide is turning...

In the last 5 years the number of google searches for ‘menstrual cup’ have increased by almost

300%, disposable pad and panty liner sales have dropped by £5.7m since 2016, and sales of reusable pads from Honour Your Flow tripled for the 3 days following City to Sea’s Womens Hour interview. 

We all have the opportunity to turn the tide on plastic pollution from period products. Help protect what you love by supporting the #PlasticFreePeriodscampaign:

  • Watch and share City to Sea’s new film ‘Turning Tides’
  • Join the online conversation about #PlasticFreePeriods during Environmenstrual Week (12th - 19th October)
  • Give reusables a go! Head to City to Sea’s product discount page here
  • If you, your children or your school might be interested in City to Sea’s school program check out the Rethink Periods page.

Here’s to periods that are better for our ocean, our bodies and our wallet!

Cal Major, record breaking stand-up-paddle-boarder and ambassador for City to Sea’s  said: “Whether we feel connected to the oceans or not, they produce over half the oxygen we breathe on Earth. They are precious to so many of us surfers, stand up paddleboarders and swimmers for our wellbeing, but they are essential to all of us for sustaining our life on this planet. We can’t afford to let plastic pollution destroy them, and switching to reusable period products is one of the simplest ways we women can minimise our plastic footprint.” 

Cal Major Plastic Free Periods Campaign - City to Sea

About City to Sea:

City to Sea is an award-winning campaigning organisation that has been championing #PlasticFreePeriods for the past 2 years to empower people with periods and provide them with choice when it comes to what they put in their bodies every month. Through their Plastic Free Periods campaign City to Sea run an unbiased menstruation program for schools, are working with the NHS, have petitioned government, have been featured on Women’s Hour, in Glamour and Elle, and run online campaigns to raise awareness about plastic-free alternatives.