Out of stock? What to do.

March 21, 2019

Out of stock? What to do.

It can be a real pain when your favourite item is out of stock in your preferred size or colour. So we wanted to take a few moments to explain why this happens and what you can do to get your hands on your preferred swimpiece as soon as possible.

Why do we sometimes go out of stock?

Whilst we are a small, independent brand we are really proud to be able to offer 21 sizes across our range - from size 8 to size 20, with three curve sizes for every dress size (our Hepburn, our Monroe and our Hendricks). Managing stock would be much easier if we just offered small, medium and large (as our warehouse manager reminds me almost daily) but we certainly wouldn't be able to offer the incredible fit that our range does through providing such a tailored set of sizes.

We manufacture all our swimpieces in London and manage our stock through small production runs. This allows us to be really nimble to demand - so when we can see that certain styles and colours are more popular we can top up quickly. This also helps us to avoid getting to the end of season with lots of unwanted stock left over - stock which, for many brands, often gets burned or dumped into landfill. (We're proud to have never yet disposed of a piece of stock or a sample - everything we've ever made has been repaired or reused). 

So what does this mean for you if we're out of stock in a piece in your size?

Firstly, please tell us. We'll be aware we're out of stock (because we monitor stock levels daily) but it's really helpful to understand the level of demand (i.e. how many women are waiting for those pieces). So please let us know - either by adding yourself to the waiting list on the product page or by dropping us an email (to hello@deakinandblue.com). We are incredibly responsive to these requests and will be able to give you a reasonable estimation of when we are planning to have those pieces back in stock - and sometimes this can be as quick as 1-2 weeks.

Need something sooner?

Going on holiday this weekend and really in need of something sooner. Get in touch with us - all our contact details can be found here - and let us know what you're looking for. We'll be able to advise on alternative styles or colours that will suit and we'll do our best to make sure you're ready for your next swim.