#NoRetouch - Our Promise

April 12, 2019

#NoRetouch - Our Promise

Image retouching is the process of digitally editing a photo post-production. In the fashion industry it often involves smoothing skin blemishes, removing stretch marks or scars, whitening teeth and removing creases from products so a fit looks improved. However it can also be as dramatic as reshaping a body, changing the size of a body part (increasing a bust or reducing a waist) or even adding entirely new features - such as abs, cheek bones or muscle tone.

Some retouching is actually really useful for the customer. For example we can digitally alter the colours of a product post-production to make sure the image shows the product colour as accurately as possible (some cameras don't pick up blues and greens in quite the right shade and we want our images to look as accurate as possible). We do this and we believe this is really helpful for you.

However, most retouching is unhelpful for customers and for women more generally. It perpetuates the idea that women are expected to have a particular shape, perfectly smooth skin, to be stretch-mark free and otherwise digitally perfect. We don't believe that's a helpful image or ideal to uphold and so we've made a commitment to never retouch our images.

What's more: we think it's really important to celebrate different body shapes, sizes and skin tones. We don't believe that being beautiful or strong has a single image, and so we'll always showcase our products on a range of women whose bodies tell their own story - from stretchmarks to bruises to gentle patches of dry skin. 

Look closely and you'll see the women who model our pieces look just like you and me. We hope that helps you to see what these products might look like on your own bodies - and to be reminded that your own body is incredible because of its marks and imperfections, not in spite of them.

Our promise to you: #NoRetouch #NoAirbrushing #RealWomen