MUSINGS: 5 Ridiculous Swimming Pools...

August 16, 2017

Deakin and Blue Ridiculous Swimming Pools

If you spend as long on pinterest as we do looking at beautiful pictures of the glittering ocean, enticing lakes and rivers and inviting swimming pools, then you'll be familiar with the sensation of coming across an absolutely ridiculous pool from time to time. 

And when we say 'ridiculous', we're not talking about that category of endless pools balanced on the edge of an ocean which look ridiculously great. Oh no, we're talking about the mad, the daft and the downright crazy. 

Here are our favourite five:


1. The 'Designed For Hobbits, Not For Swimming' One...

Deakin and Blue Swimming Pool
Image courtesy of Nikki Waite. 

2. The 'They Really Put Their Foot In It' One...

Swimming Pools Swimming Deakin and Blue - Mad Pools
Image courtesy of


3. The 'Grand Designs' One...

Deakin and Blue Swimming Pool Piano
Image courtesy of Nautilus.Ind.Br


4. The 'I Love What They've Done with the Place' One...

Deakin and Blue Swimming Pool Heart
Image courtesy of Swimtown Pool Supplies


5. The 'We'll Have To Do Lengths One at a Time' One

Deakin and Blue Swimming Pool Guitar
Image courtesy of

These weird and wonderful creations make us chuckle when we see them but we can't help but think that the designers have slightly missed the point. You can keep your heart shaped monstrosity. Give us a boring, rectangular pool with faded tiles and rickety steps any day of the week - because once you're in, none of that matters.