MOTIVATION: Why Swimming With a Friend is a Game Changer

January 01, 2019

MOTIVATION: Why Swimming With a Friend is a Game Changer

We love nothing more than swim dates with a good girlfriend. The fun begins from the point of getting your cossie on and continues all the way through to post-swim brunch.

Here's why we think swimming with your BFF is a game changer:

1. It's harder to cancel on a friend, so you'll definitely make that swim.

We all know that we’re much better at sticking to our plans when we have committed to a friend, as well as to ourselves. Friends are the perfect extra motivator if you’re finding it hard to get your motivation on.

2. It's completely excusable to pause every 1/5/10 lengths to natter at the end of the pool.

Break up your swimming with little pauses and enjoy catching up, or shot gun the slow lane and enjoy some gentle head-up-breast-stroke as you swap news. 

3. You can practice swim drills and technique exercises without feeling quite so silly.

Balancing a beaker of water on your forehead during backstroke, anyone? Kicking drills that seem to involve moving backwards? All “I look silly” paranoia floats straight away when you’ve got your best bud (aka your “swim side kick”) with you.

4. Enjoy quality catch up time as you get dressed before and after and, if you're lucky, in the sauna.

We’re confident the best friendships are cemented by your ability to chat whilst a) one of you is naked, b) you are both naked, c) you’re in the showers or d) a hairdryer is blowing full blast.

5. She never forgets the shampoo. 

She doesn’t though. 

6. Post-swim brunch!

Or lunch or dinner or drinks or something else. We absolutely love going for a well earned post-swim brunch with a best girlfriend to swap notes and continue the catch up...