MOTIVATION: How to Get Up In the Morning (for a Swim)

October 15, 2017

MOTIVATION: How to Get Up In the Morning (for a Swim)

It's getting colder, darker and altogether much harder to get up and out for a swim first thing in the morning. It's hard enough getting up in the dark and pulling on your work clothes but the prospect of a swim can seem all the less inviting when it comes at the cost of your warm bed. We know the feeling and yet we also know how great you'll feel post-swim, so we're sharing our top three tips to motivate you out of bed and into the pool.


Deakin and Blue How to Get Up In the Morning


1. Have an exciting breakfast at the ready

Eating before a swim, or any workout, is a good idea and so you might as well make sure you've got something in the house that will help motivate you out of bed. A fresh bagel with some cream cheese and cucumber, or a bowl of your favourite porridge with some fresh fruit, or even just a really lovely granola. Make sure there's a portion of whatever your favourite breakfast is at the ready and treat yourself - you're about to go for a swim!


2. Meet a friend 

We all know that it's much harder to bail on something when you're letting someone else down too. Arranging to meet a friend at your local pool is a great way to ensure you get up and out, and don't hit snooze too many times. Meeting a friend at the pool also has the added bonus of having a chance to catch up in the changing rooms after your swim. It's a no brainer. 


3. Have a cossie you feel great in

Of course we would be huge advocates for this but a costume that you feel fantastic in can be a brilliant motivator for getting in the pool first thing. We know that when you feel fantastic you perform well. We also know that if you dread putting something on, you might be easily persuaded out of doing so (especially from the comfort of a warm duvet). Treat yourself to a cossie that fits your body shape and gives you confidence - now that you're getting up early for a swim on a regular basis, you'll have more than earned it.