IWD 2020: Five Incredible Women To Inspire You this International Women's Day

March 03, 2020

IWD 2020: Five Incredible Women To Inspire You this International Women's Day

International Women's Day is a day dedicated to celebrating and recognising the achievements of women. This year we wanted to shine a light on some of the incredible women in our community.

We have chosen five D&B customers and inspirations that we are thrilled to introduce to you: these women are inspiring in so many ways.  

George - @fullerfigurefullerbust


George is a plus size clothing and lingerie blogger who is active in the worlds of beauty, fashion and fitness. Her stunning smile makes us feel energised straight away - adding a glow to our day! Her blog (fullerfigurefullerbust.com) shares and discusses topics that allow women to step out of their comfort zones and simply be brilliant as they are. Her topics include menstruation, behind the scenes at photoshoots and her experiences as a plus size model. A rare diamond, George is an advocate for body positivity and acceptance at any and every size - she has been known for calling out thin-shaming as much as fat-shaming - for which we applaud her!  


Sarah - @coffeethentravel


Sarah is truly a part of the ocean and if you are looking for 50 shades of beautiful
blues, this is the profile for you! Her discoveries of different, astonishing species in the ocean are accompanied by brilliant snapshots of those moments. She inspires us so effortlessly; to love our ocean, to love our sea creatures and to really appreciate and take care of our world as a whole. As the founder of @girlsthatscuba, the world's largest women's diving community, her passion for scuba diving unites a community of women around the world - Sarah shares such beautiful moments that it makes us want to create our own!



Bryony - @bryonygordon

Bryony describes herself as a “mad girl” and we love that! She is columnist, podcaster, writer and many more. Ultimately, she's a loud and passionate champion of women - encouraging them to continue their journeys with a “can do” attitude – because we are amazing! Her beautiful self-confidence is contagious and she uses her Instagram profile to show the honest and candid sides of each day. What’s your post-gym selfie like? We love Bryony’s! We laugh with her and cry with her but at the end of the day, she brings a ray of sunshine to our timelines and this is why she’s part of our top 5.


Joanna - @joannashimwell

If there is anyone that will convince you to love nature and sports, it will be Joanna! She is truly a deep thinker and free spirited beautiful lady. Her outdoor swimming posts are in astonishing locations and that is an inspiration in itself – she is our definition of feeling free! Riding bikes around beautiful mountains is a love of hers and we really get to feel that in her posts – she encourages us to get out there and simply enjoy the feelings of wellbeing through sports and outdoor activities. Her desire for adventures inspires us to become the best version of ourselves by infusing our everyday lives with moments of adrenaline and a sense of well-deserved freedom!


Alice - @moretoyoga

Alice is a yoga teacher, retreat creator and reiki master. Her profile truly embodies the idea that there is more to yoga through her constant inspiration to awaken your senses and to “tap into your feminine flow”. Her posts are genuine, authentic and refreshing. She is truly a master of wellbeing; sharing her experiences, her emotions and her thoughts with us, allows us to reflect and connect not only with her but with our own selves also. She inspires us to keep going on our journeys by continuously exploring and enjoying every space that we find ourselves in!


Feeling inspired? Follow us on Instagram for more inspiring women and to tag your inspiring friends. And a very happy International Women's Day 2020 to you!