How to Measure your Bra Size: A Handy Guide

July 01, 2019

How to Measure your Bra Size: A Handy Guide

Not sure of your bra size? Or perhaps you haven't been measured for a while? Use our handy, easy-to-follow guide below to work out your bra band and cup size. 

To get started, you'll need a soft tape measure, make sure you've got some soft cup (non-padded) underwear on and we recommend measuring yourself in front of a mirror for ease. 


Step 1. Band Size

Measure underneath the very bottom of your bra, across your ribs, around the entire circumference of your body. The tape measure should lay flat on your skin, not on top of any underwire or elastic at the bottom of the bra and make sure the tape is snugly pulled and not twisted.

This measurement is your band size. In the UK we measure in inches. If the number you measured is odd (31, 33 etc) then add one to round up to the nearest even number (32, 34 etc). 


Step 2. Cup Size

Measure over the fullest part of your bust - this is usually across the nipples. Again, make sure the tape lies snug without pulling too tight, and make sure the tape isn't twisted.

Make a note of this number. Again, in the UK we measure in inches.


Step 3. Calculating your Cup Size

To calculate your UK cup size, simply subtract your band size figure (step 1) from your cup size figure (step 2). Broadly speaking, for every inch difference, your cup increases by a cup size. 

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Please be aware that bra size and fit can vary significantly by brand. However the above method should provide a useful indication of your size and help you to understand which D&B Muse Measurement you are.