How are We Different?

May 13, 2019

How are We Different?

Welcome to the swimwear revolution. We do swimwear differently and our swimpieces are transformational – in how they look, in how they feel and in how they are made.

So how are we different?

We share ten ways that our swimwear is unique.


1. Designed for women by women

Every piece in our collection is designed by D&B Founder Rosie who first set the business up after struggling to find a swimsuit for her weekly swim. For every single piece we think about fit, cut, shape and support – from the height of the leg to the shape of the neckline, and the feel of the fabric to the way the colour sits on different skin tones. At every design decision we ask ourselves “is that what we would want?” and when we’re ready to prototype we try every piece on women of different sizes to check the way each swimsuit or bikini fits on different bodies. All in all it’s a design process entirely focused on our customers.


2. Shop by bust size

Bust size very different to your hips? No problem. Every piece in our collection is shop-able by three curve sizes to allow you to pick the piece that best suits your body shape – whether you’re more athletic or super curvy. Our three curves – the Hepburn (AA-B cup), the Monroe (C-E cup) and the Hendricks (F-HH cup) mean that you’ve got enough support, shape and coverage, whatever your shape or size.


3. Highly sculpting fabric

Who doesn’t want to be sculpted? Every piece in our range uses a high-elastane content Lycra® that offers a sculpting, spanx-like fit without any of the discomfort. Our fabric offers built in tummy control and flattering hug-factor, helping to sculpt your silhouette and show off all your best bits.


4. Made from ocean waste

All our swimwear is made from a regenerated yarn called ECONYL® which is made from post-consumer waste such as old fishing nets and industrial plastic scraps. So instead of using virgin nylon and contributing yet more to landfill, we help turn trash into treasure and re-use and re-purpose waste nylon. Great for the planet but it also makes our swimwear super-durable and super-resistant. Win win.


5. Made in London

Ever wonder #whomademyclothes? No longer. Every piece in our collection is made in our small production studio in London where we know our seamstresses by name, and where our swimwear is made whilst sipping good Italian coffee and listening to Fleetwood Mac – what’s not to love?


6. #NoRetouch

We have committed to never retouching our images and photography – no teeth whitening, no cellulite removal, no reshaping entire body parts or adding in abs or muscle tone. So what you see in the image is exactly how our pieces fit on our models – every wrinkle, crease and bruise. Because we believe that all bodies are beautiful and we’d never want to alter them.


7. A body positive brand

Being body positive and celebrating brilliant healthy bodies at every shape and size is an important part of our DNA. We photograph every product on three different models with different shapes and sizes to help you see what a product might look like on your body. We also regularly share pictures of our customers in their swimwear on our social media pages (@deakinandblue) because we love how bloody great they look in their cossies and bikinis. The fashion industry and Love Island might like us to think that women's bodies look a certain way but we vehemently disagree and we’re on a mission to debunk the mad myth that bodies have to look a certain shape, size or colour to be beach ready.


8. Hyper-resistant to chlorine + UV rays

That regenerated yarn we mentioned? Not only is it great for the planet but it has additional properties that makes it even better than standard Lycra. All our swimwear is twice as resistant to chlorine and salt water as standard lycra (ever had a cossie go so thin it became see through? Not ours.) Our pieces also offer comprehensive UV50+ protection so you can be confident of full sun protection in your swimwear.


9. Made to last - colour-fast & highly durable

Hyper-resistant and hyper-durable, every Deakin and Blue swimpiece is made to last. We’re an investment piece, we know, so we don’t expect your cossie to only last a season. Our timeless designs are intended to be worn summer after summer, swim after swim. Our fabrics retain their colour (whatever sort of water you swim in), are designed to be machine-washed regularly and are built to last – so you can be confident that your new favourite swimsuit will be around for a long time.


10. Mix & match - by colour, style & size

Different size bottom to top? Or perhaps you like to shake up your colourways? No problem. All our bikinis are designed to be mixed and matched – so you can pick the perfect size top separately from the perfect bottoms and pair up different designs and colours to suit your personal style.


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