Happy Birthday to us! D&B turns 7

June 01, 2024

Happy Birthday to us! D&B turns 7

We're SEVEN today! Seven years of creating confidence-boosting swimwear. Cut for confidence, made to love, with no compromise on fit, feel or function.⁠

To celebrate, we sat down with some of the team to hear their highlights from the last seven years.

Capturing the feeling

"⁠I absolutely love meeting customers and friends of D&B at events, competitions, pop ups and so on. It reminds me about why I first set the business up: to help women feel good. I love to see them emerge from the changing room in their chosen D&B and smile at their own reflection in the mirror. It's never about the product, it's about the feeling."

Rosie, D&B Founder

The privilege of stories

"Interviewing such a variety of women for their Body Stories is an absolute privilege. Each contributor has been fascinating and delightful, and I've learned so much about all sorts of topics from body confidence and mental health to playfulness, art and advocating for nature."

Rowan, Copywriter


Everybody and every body

"I love being part of something so special. D&B represents everybody and every body! And as a Mum with her own battle wounds raising a daughter with even greater battle wounds, she sees this too. Women raising women, in every sense of the word. Seven years on and seven years strong! Proud to be part of this undeniable revolution!"

Sadie, Customer Services Manager


It has never changed

"When we're all together, I just love how much we all want the same thing: to make women feel better in their own skin. I can't tell you how much that means to me. So my highlight is how much D&B has stayed true to that which it set out to do from day one: to make women realise their own beauty."

Sophie, Social Media Manager


Happy Birthday to us!