SWIMSPIRATION: Five Inspiring Actresses Who Swim to Keep Fit

July 23, 2017

SWIMSPIRATION: Five Inspiring Actresses Who Swim to Keep Fit

We’re not usually advocates of celebrity lifestyle choices however a regular swim to keep the mind and body healthy is definitely something we can get on board with. Here are five successful and inspiring female celebrities who build a swim into their weekly routine…


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Swimming Deakin and Blue

Possibly the world’s most famous actress, and certainly (according to Forbes) 2017’s second highest earning actress Jennifer Aniston is nothing if not a multi-tasker. Somehow she manages to fit three swims of between 20 and 40 minutes into her busy weekly routine. If she can, we can.







Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman Swimming Deakin and Blue

The slim Australian actress who made it big in the late 90s in Eyes Wide Shut, shortly followed by Moulin Rouge, Nicole Kidman has been more recently gracing our TV screens in Big Little Lies and Top of the Lake. Nicole apparently swims every day for thirty minutes with her sister and credits swimming for her good health and well maintained physique.






Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Swimming Deakin and Blue

With her 44 inch long legs, Julia Roberts almost certainly has an advantage in the water over most of us mere mortals so it’s perhaps unsurprising to hear that Julia is a regular swimmer. Julia also uses pool-based workouts (such as water-based running, cross country skiing movements and weighted arm exercises) to stay in shape or when needing to tone up for films.






Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman Swimming Deakin and Blue

Natalie Portman swam everyday whilst training for Black Swan. She cited swimming as a good, impact-free alternative to the ballet training, whilst allowing her to work on her cardio and endurance.







Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank Swimming Deakin and Blue

American actress Hilary Swank is a classic female high achiever. Hilary swam in the Junior Olympics as a child (and also competed in gymnastics) and maintains her swimming today as a part of her regular fitness routine.






Feeling inspired? Go on, leap in this week.