Fitting guide: The best swimwear for water sports

September 05, 2023

Fitting guide: The best swimwear for water sports

For lots of you, choosing swimwear isn’t just about swimming. Women who love water sports need durable, sustainable swimwear that’s comfortable and stays in place. Water sport swimwear also needs to be fitted for women’s bodies – including women that the outdoor industry describes as plus-size.

From shorts with a bikini top for cool comfort to one-piece swimsuits with shorts for full coverage, when we’re picking swimwear that’s suitable for water sports, there can be a mind-boggling amount of choice. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you.

Swimwear for every body

It’s so important to remember this: Your body is amazing whatever its size and shape – it’s up to outdoor clothing brands to cater for you. So many women looking for plus-size, long-torso, short body, tall, big bust swimwear get frustrated because lots of brands don’t cater for us. This is frustrating because water sports are so good for our bodies, minds and wellbeing – regardless of age, size or shape.

On top of that, as wonderful water-loving women, you should be able to buy sustainable swimwear that doesn’t just fit well, it’s super-comfortable, durable and long-lasting, supportive and flexible so that you can use it for any number of water sports.

So, how do you choose which swimwear to buy? If you think about what your water sports requires of your swimwear, that might be a good place to start. For example, if you’re out on your paddleboard, protection from the sun might be a priority. If you play underwater rugby, then you’ll need something that stays put.

Deakin & Blue Essential Swimsuit

Bikini top and swim shorts

A two-piece combination is a clear winner for flexibility. You can mix and match tops and bottoms, it’s easier to dress and undress if you’re wearing specialist kit like a wetsuit, and you get the right level of support and coverage. The Swimcrop Bikini is easy to put on and take off with the zip down the front, or you could go for the sportier Swimbra Bikini. Match with our reversible, high-waisted Swim Shorts for sports and with our bikini bottomsfor leisure.

Best for:Women who do multiple water sports and like to swim and sunbathe.

Top tip:Have a look at our sizing guide for the right dress size and curve size for better bust support.

Deakin & Blue Bikini and Swim Shorts

Swimming costume and swim shorts

For a bit more coverage and support, we’d choose a one-piece like the Essential Swimsuit or X-Back Swimsuit with a pair of Swim Shorts over the top. Again, you get flexibility – just whip the shorts off and you’re in beach or pool mode. The X-Back Swimsuit is super-soft and seam-free, which makes it very comfortable under a wetsuit or personal floatation device. Our Essential Swimsuitis made of thicker, bonded fabric which is great for extra warmth.

Best for:Women looking for support and comfort from size 8 to 24.

Top tip:Read our body length fitting guide for the best swimsuit for short or long torsos.

Deakin & Blue Swim Shorts

The Long Sleeve Swimsuit

A firm favourite with surfers and divers like Jemeima and Sarah (below), the Long Sleeve Swimsuit is stylish and up to the job. The body is made from lined fabric for extra warmth and UV 50+ protection, while the mesh sleeves give flexibility for paddling. Like all our swimsuits, it comes in size 8 to 24 and three different curve (bust) sizes, it’s made from recycled ocean waste and is extra durable.

Best for:Surfers, divers and paddlers.

Top tip:Combine with The Swim Shorts for extra coverage.

Deakin & Blue Long Sleeve Swimsuit