Fitting guide: Best winter swimming swimwear

September 27, 2023

Fitting guide: Best winter swimming swimwear

Hands up if you’re planning your winter swimming clothes. If you’re going swimming during winter, what you wear before, during and after your cold swimming session will make a huge difference to your confidence, comfort and recovery. We're talking warmer fabrics, snug layers and thicker material.

That’s where we can help. We asked our resident ice swimming expert whose coached people through winter for the past five years about what she recommends for your winter swimming kit bag.

Winter swimming kit

Your starting point for winter swimming is deciding whether or not you’re going to wear a wetsuit. “Wetsuits provide a layer of protection from the cold – for some people, this is the difference between getting in the icy water or not,” says coach and ice swimmer, Rowan. “You don’t need a wetsuit – lots of people find them a faff to get on and off in winter – but you still get all the mental and physical health benefits if you wear one. It really comes down to faff versus comfort.”

If you are going to wear a wetsuit, it’s really important that you choose a swimsuit that’s smooth, seamless and comfortable underneath to avoid chafing. And if you go without a wetsuit, it’s not cheating if you go for something made from warmer fabric than the average swimsuit.

“I really recommend a swimsuit made of more durable, thicker fabric,” says Rowan. “You want something comfortable and supportive – and a bit of extra warmth, especially around your torso, can only be a good thing. As well as your swimsuit, make sure you wear a hat, and neoprene gloves and booties can be a game-changer in cold water too. If you swim with your face in the water, don't forget your goggles and earplugs too." 

Deakin & Blue Tankini

Winter swimming clothes

What you wear after your swim is almost more important for a good recovery. “I cannot stress enough how seriously you should take warming up after a winter swim,” says Rowan. “Your core body temperature carries on dropping once you get out of the water, so those first few minutes where you strip off your wet stuff and layer up with warm, weather-protective layers will stop you from getting too cold.”

This is when you put on your bobble hat, gloves, thermal layers and windproof, waterproof outer layer such as a coat or changing robe to protect you from the elements. “You should also pack yourself a warm drink – tea, coffee, herbal tea, hot chocolate – anything that warms you from the inside. Lots of swimmers also have a hot water bottle and hand warmers, plus something to eat – usually cake – to get your digestive system going.”

Deakin & Blue Winter Swimming Swimwear

Our best swimwear for swimming during winter

We've put together our Autumn Essentials collection to help you choose the best swimwear for your winter swimming adventures. 

The Essential Tankini

Made of thick, bonded fabric, The Essential Tankini has all the tummy-hugging warmth of a swimsuit with the convenience of a two-piece. It’s so tailored and beautifully supportive that you can wear it under your clothes before your swim to make changing easier – just don’t forget to pack your undies for afterwards! Available as the gorgeous Essential Swimsuit too.

Best for:Easy changing before and after your cold swim.

Top tip:Match with the reversible Swim Shorts for extra coverage on your bottom half.

Deakin & Blue Signature Swimsuit

The Signature Swimsuit

The thick, bonded fabric is extra warm and incredibly supportive. Our customers love the way The Signature Swimsuit’s clever tailoring offers non-wired bust support and the mesh panels not only add a bit of glamour, but they also make the swimsuit easier to pull off with cold hands.

Best for:Great bust support and extra confidence.

Top tip:Try The Signature Swimsuit on at home before its first outing – it gives a bit after the first try so it’ll be easier to get on and off at the water’s edge.

Deakin & Blue The Long Sleeve Swimsuit

The Long Sleeve Swimsuit

For that little bit of extra protection, The Long Sleeve Swimsuitis the perfect choice. It’s made from two layers of four-way stretch fabric, making it super-smooth and soft. But it’s the full-length mesh sleeves that give you that extra coverage. If you’re out in the elements where there’s air and wind chill, such as winter sea swimming, you’ll be very grateful for those sleeves.

Best for:A warm, supported body and extra coverage on your arms.

Top tip:Pair with The Swim Shorts and it’s almostlike you’re wearing a wetsuit.

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Deakin & Blue Essential Swimsuit