Fitting guide: Best swimwear for swim training

April 10, 2024

Fitting guide: Best swimwear for swim training

The word 'swimwear' suggests swimming, but not all swimwear is created equally. Some swimwear is more sun-lounger wear, while other pieces degrade quickly in chlorine – if you’ve ever had falling down bikini bottoms, see-through fabric or necklines that drag when you swim, you’ll know what we mean.

Making on-point, show-stopping swimwear that looks and feels amazing without compromising on how it functions is the very foundation of Deakin & Blue. Our swimwear is beautiful, and it has also swum across seas and lakes, down rivers, in pools and in icy water - and we’re really proud of that. From pushing out the lengths in your local pool to open water events, pool-based triathlons to restorative swims in the sea, here’s our guide to the best styles to swim in.

Deakin & Blue Essential Swimsuit Cobalt

Chlorine-resistant swimwear for pool swimming

Chlorine is needed to keep our pools clean, but it plays havoc with swimwear. Over time, many swimwear fabrics fade and degrade leading to the sort of wardrobe malfunctions nightmares are made of. But all our swimwear is made from chlorine resistant fabric. The bonded fabric of our Essential Swimsuit is doubly durable against chlorine and things like body oils and sun-cream, which makes it great for outdoor pools and lidos, too. It also super supportive, plus the mesh around the neck and arms is super soft and flexible for movement.

We love: The sophisticated shape and bonded fabric that gives great support and durability.

Top tip: Machine wash your D&B at 40° after every swim in chlorine to help it last for even more swims.

Deakin & Blue X-Back Swimsuit

Smooth swimwear to wear under wetsuits

Most open water swimming events mean wearing a swimming wetsuit. That means you need a swimsuit or bikini to wear underneath your neoprene that’s smooth, soft and fits like a second skin. These qualities are exactly what makes the X-Back Swimsuit such a great option for wearing under your wetsuit. Clever tailoring and double layered fabric that’s silky-smooth against your skin keeps chafing to an absolute minimum.

We love:That the X-Back Swimsuit fits like a second skin. We also love peeling off our wetsuit to reveal a gorgeous, bright colour that’s perfect for a post-training sauna!

Top tip:Use a lube or anti-chafing balm for the bits of neoprene that rub around your neck – then rinse off your D&B and wetsuit after every swim.

Deakin & Blue Signature Swimsuit

Swimsuits for endurance training

If you’re training without a wetsuit, then you need a durable, comfortable, supportive swimsuit. Don’t be fooled by The Signature Swimsuit’s classic, sophisticated style. It may look beautiful, but it’s capable of serious swim mileage – a bit like you. The mesh is not only super-soft, but it’s also cut to keep your shoulders and hips free for unlimited swimming.

We love: The durable double-bonded fabric for warmth and support paired with mesh for freedom of movement.

Top tip: Wiggling into The Signature Swimsuit on first try elicits a few pops and snaps – that’s normal, and it will mould to your body the more you wear it.

Deakin & Blue Swimbra Bikini

The best bikini to swim in

There are times when you’re training when two pieces work better than one. Under a wetsuit for changing or going to the loo, for example, or changing when you’re really cold. Our bikinis are not only made from extra-durable fabric, but they’re also made for swimming. We love the versatile Swimbra Bikini for its smooth, supportive and secure style. It works just as well for swimming lengths as it does under a wetsuit.

We love: The bust support and sporty silhouette of the Swimbra Bikini top.

Top tip: Pair with The Swim Shorts for extra coverage.