Fitting guide: Best swimwear for big busts

October 04, 2023

Fitting guide: Best swimwear for big busts

Hooray for boobs! Big busts, small boobs, wonky, droopy, post-breastfeeding, post-menopause, post-mastectomy, post-surgery – we’re celebrating all the joys, challenges and differences of having breasts. Finding bust-size swimwear isn’t just about fit, it’s also about comfort, support and adaptability - and it's the duty of swimming costume and bikini brands to make sure their products are up to the job.

Throughout our lifetime, our boobs change more than any other part of our body. Even within a single month, our breasts can increase or decrease by a cup size, becoming smaller and softer when we have our period. Then from puberty to post-menopause, things like pregnancy, hormone-changes, weight gain and loss, skin changes and gravity affect the size and shape of our breasts. And then some of us have breast surgery or face adversities such as breast cancer.

Deakin & Blue X-Back Swimsuit Scarlet

Having bigger breasts can be a challenge when it comes to buying swimwear. With this in mind, we developed a unique sizing system that allows you to find swimwear that fits your bust size – and takes into consideration the way our breasts change over a month or over the years.

We’ve put together our favourite bust-fitting styles.

Bust-size swimwear

Our curve size Hendricks fits cup sizes F-HH. Having a range of cup sizes means that your Deakin & Blue swimwear will accommodate changes in your breasts, not only through each month, but also as you go through changes such as menopause and pregnancy. By pairing your curve size with your dress size, you can get exactly the right fit for your beautiful body.

Deakin & Blue Signature Swimsuit Cobalt

The Signature Swimsuit

When it comes to style and support for bigger busts, you can’t beat The Signature Swimsuit. The tailored shape and thicker, bonded fabric support you making sure that your boobs are held while you swim. You can even jump the biggest waves in this swimsuit with no risk of a wardrobe malfunction.

We love:The sophisticated shape and clever tailoring that give such great support.

Top tip:On first try, The Signature Swimsuit takes some wriggling into, so don’t worry if it feels snug at first.

Deakin & Blue Long Sleeve Swimsuit

The Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Finding a swimsuit with sleeves can be a challenge when you have a bigger bust size. But our Long Sleeve Swimsuit is tailored to offered support for your boobs. It’s also carefully graded so that the circumference of the sleeves will fit you well.

We love:The beautiful mesh sleeves that give us a bit of extra protection from the elements.

Top tip:Pair with The Swim Shortsfor extra coverage.

Deakin & Blue Essential Swimsuit Cobalt

The Essential Swimsuit

Some women with bigger boobs want coverage, while others want support and definition. Our beautiful Essential Swimsuitgives you fabulous shape and support, while having a lower v-shaped neckline – perfect for sunbathing and swimming on holiday.

We love:The beautiful plunge neckline that makes us feel super-confident.

Top tip:If you love a two-piece, try The Essential Tankini.

Post-mastectomy swimwear

Going through breast cancer and a mastectomy is hard enough without struggling to find decent swimwear – especially when your weekly swims are so important for your mind, body and soul. So, it’s crucial that you can get swimwear that makes your feel confident.

We can adapt our swimwear by adding pockets for prosthetic breasts. We recommend choosing a style with a high neckline like The Signature or X-Back Swimsuit or The Swimbra Bikini.

We love:That we can fit secret, subtle pockets to give you a little confidence-boost post-surgery – and that it won’t cost you anything extra.

Top tip:Make sure you’re happy with the size and fit of the swimsuit before sending it us to be customised.

Deakin & Blue Swimbra Bikini