ADVICE: Everything You Need For Your New Year Health Kick

November 15, 2017

ADVICE: Everything You Need For Your New Year Health Kick

Planning a bit of a health kick in the new year? Why not take advantage of Black Friday to treat yourself to those all important items that will help you set yourself up for a happy and healthy 2018.

Here we've identified everything we think you need to get yourself off on the right foot. So treat yourself, or better still, perhaps send our list on to your loved ones to help them get started on their Christmas shopping a little early (and at significant discount).




1. A Great Cossie

For something you'll feel good in EVERY time you put it on: we recommend our best-selling navy cossie. Worn by indoor and outdoor swimmers alike and now available for pre-order in up to size UK 24, this classic cossie is perfect for the weekly swim.

Say goodbye to feeling nervous as you nip from the changing room to the pool - this cossie is designed for your body shape, comfort and confidence.

Available over the Black Friday weekend for £79 (down from £105) with code BLACKFRIDAY25 at checkout and with FREE delivery worldwide - it's a no brainer.


2. Leak-Proof Goggles

We recently discovered Aqua Sphere's Vista Goggles and fell a bit in love. Big enough to ensure your eyes are fully covered without that awful eye-socket sucking feeling with a smart, slender design so that they don't take up your whole face: these goggles are a leak-free dream. 

Handily available in a Navy & Black colourway to suit your navy cossie. Coordinated swim kit? Tick.

Available to buy for £19.99 from Wiggle and keep an eye out for additional Black Friday discounts.


3. A Decent Swim Hat

There are a lot of good reasons to wear a swim hat including several benefits to you (keeping hair out of your face, minimising the impact of chlorine on your hair and, if you're an outdoor swimmer, keeping you warm). However there are also important benefits to others of wearing a swim hat (less hair in the pool = much nicer pool). There are plenty of good swim hat manufacturers and we personally like to have a few to hand so that we can coordinate with our cossie of choice.

If you're an outdoor swimmer or a competitive swimmer then a brightly coloured hat is great for safety reasons. If you have long hair then do investigate long hair hat options - there are lots. However, for the weekly pool swim a black basic swim hat is a must. Speedo do a good black silicone hat for less than £3...


4. A bit of Swimspiration

Looking for motivation and inspiration for that weekly swim? We couldn't recommend Jenny Landreth's Swell more highly. A dry-witted and poignant account of the many "swim suffragettes" who fought for a woman's right to swim, with snippet's from Landreth's own swim story laced throughout. Swellis a laugh-out-loud and heavy-hearted-sigh kind of book that will leave you desperate to grab your cossie and head to the nearest stretch of water. A perfect partner for a new year swim-kick.

Bloomsbury are offering 45% off Swell until December 10th....