5 Quick and Easy Ways to Invest in a Little Self Care Today

July 12, 2019

5 Quick and Easy Ways to Invest in a Little Self Care Today

Looking after ourselves can easily fall to the bottom of the to do list after a busy week or when we have multiple other priorities including work, family and more. However, research shows that spending as little as fifteen minutes a day doing something you love or that relaxes you can significantly reduce your overall stress levels.

Here are five of our favourite quick and easy ways to invest in a little self care today: 


1. Take a bath

You don't need to lay in the bath for hours or light candles or attempt to balance a book for baths to be restorative. Instead why not spend just 15 minutes relaxing in the water without your phone and letting your mind relax from the day.  


2. Read a book

A whole book - great! But even just a chapter or a few pages to allow your brain to switch off and escape. Ideally we recommend reading a physical book rather than from a screen to give your eyes a bit of a break too - especially if you spend lots of the day in front of a computer.


3. Write a list of everything you're grateful for

Gratitude diaries and journals are growing in popularity and that's because reflecting on what we're grateful for is proven to have benefits for your mental health. The list doesn't have to be long or philosophical - a cup of tea in bed in the morning is always top of our list!


4. Go for a walk

Change your scene and get some fresh air. A brisk 15 minute walk is great for getting oxygen pumping around your body and helping you to feel refreshed. If you can, try to go phone free. 


5. Get an early night

It can be tempting after a long week or busy days to reclaim evenings in front of the tv or with a drink. But sometimes, getting an early one can be the best thing for you. They say an hour of sleep before midnight is worth two afterwards - so go on and indulge!