5 Easy Escapes from The Comfort of Your Living Room

March 23, 2020

5 Easy Escapes from The Comfort of Your Living Room

Feeling the impact of being house-bound? Us too. Thankfully, whilst lock down might mean wild swims and trips to the local lido are off the cards for now, technology means there is still lots we can do, see and explore - even from the confines of home.

Here, we gather five delightful escapes you can enjoy from the comfort of your living room this week. 


1. Watch live elephants at Dublin Zoo

For a daily dose of animal escapism, tune in at 10.30am and 12.30pm to see the Asian elephants at Dublin Zoo. It's hard to feel blue when looking at these incredible creatures playing in the water together.


2. Stretch & unwind with D&B

A weekly stretch and unwind with D&B's in-house yoga guru Alice. Join us for gentle stretching, some simple yoga poses and breathing exercises to help you shake off the day. Every Wednesday at 5pm for 20 minutes on Facebook Live.  


3. Explore the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

Browse the iconic Rijksmuseum gallery in Amsterdam at your leisure (and without the crowds) thanks to a Google Maps tour of this beautiful museum. Or enjoy the beautifully facilitated online exhibits which step-by-step navigate you through a single piece of art, pointing out key areas of interest and themes whilst exploring what they might mean and why. We particularly loved Vermeer's Woman Reading a Letter.   


4. Go to the theatre every Thursday, at home

Whilst London's National Theatre is currently closed to the public, it's providing it's world class plays straight to your living room every Thursday for the next month. The current programme includes classics such as Jane Eyre, Twelfth Night (starring Tamsin Greig) and One Man, Two Guvnors (starring James Corden). See more details including how to stream the plays, here.


5. Watch The Ponds, online

Missing your wild swims? You can now watch The Ponds, a beautiful documentary which was released earlier this year, online. The film looks at some of the many swimmers who swim regularly at Hampstead's Ponds and explores their relationship with the space - it's impact on their mental and physical health. In the absence of getting to wild water, this might just be the next best thing. 


We hope these five ideas provided inspiration for escapes you can enjoy easily at home. Looking for more inspiration? Why not follow us on Instagram for daily updates.